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Master of Science in Finance

Goal of the Program
The program will provide learners with a comprehensive curriculum grounded in fundamental economic principles to develop specialized knowledge and skills as well as insights into innovative methodologies. In addition, the professional development program provides outstanding support and mentorship to help achieve career objectives
within the highly competitive finance industry.
Minimum Admission Requirements
Bachelor’s degree Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in Finance, Accounting,
Banking, Insurance, and Economics or its equivalent; OR Lower Division with 2 years of
relevant work experience.
Expected Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this programme, graduates will be able to:
1. Explain the recent developments in the financial markets, particularly the derivative markets.
2. Integrate paradigms into the practice of financial management in organizations, whether commercial or non-commercial, domestic or global.
3. Apply a good working knowledge of accounting information and its use in financial decision taking and analysis.
4. Apply the analysis developed in the course in financial management, international finance, security analysis, and portfolio management.
5. Analyze problems, consider alternative approaches and choose appropriate solutions.

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