Master of Medicine in Family Medicine KABUO

Master of Medicine in Family Medicine

The goal of the program is to train and mentor Family Medicine physicians who will provide comprehensive and holistic health care to the family and community by providing leadership, research and advocacy, bringing families and communities to a place of health and wholeness through compassionate health care that exemplify the
healing power of Christ.

Expected Learning Outcomes
At the end of this program, all Master of Medicine in Family Medicine graduates from
Kabarak University should possess the following knowledge, skills and attitudes:

Learning Outcome 1 – Clinical Care:Comprehensive knowledge of clinical specialties and overlapping disciplines of Christian theology, bioethics, research, healthcare management and policy and community health as measured by passing scores on Part I and Part II examinations.
Learning Outcome 2 – Clinical Care:Manage information for clinical decision making to provide comprehensive and holistic healthcare and communicate effectively with the healthcare team, individual and family as measured by faculty evaluations.
Learning Outcome 3 – Clinical Care:Integrate ethical and Biblical values into professional duties as measured by faculty evaluations and self assessment.
Learning Outcome 4 – Research:Engage effectively in relevant clinical research by successfully completing a quality improvement project and research-based thesis.
Learning Outcome 5 – Health Service Management:Function competently as a primary health care team member and leader in a health care institution and within the community as measured by faculty and health
centre staff evaluations and self-assessment.
Learning Outcome 6 – Health Service Management:Demonstrate efficient and effective management of health services as measured by faculty and health institution evaluations.
Learning Outcome 7 – Leadership:Advocate for underserved populations and the promotion of health of the individual and community as measured by evaluations from faculty and community supervisors and self assessment.
Learning Outcome 8 – Leadership:Practice high ethical and professional behavior in all areas of life including a commitment to life-long learning as measured by faculty evaluations, mentorship and professional portfolios.

Minimum Admission Requirements
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B.Ch.B.) degree or an equivalent degree; registered or meets the requirements for registration by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya ; pass an admission examination and interview administered by the Department of Family Medicine.

Graduation Requirements
To qualify for graduation, residents will complete a total of 217 credit factors or 8,205 hours.

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