30 Apr 2018

Short course on aspects of devolved / multi-level governance


Kabarak University School of Law invites applications for training in the first thematic area of Devolution Law: ‘Understanding the County Assembly’s Legislative Function’ between 30th April and 4th May 2018 at Kabarak Guest House.

Target groups

  • Members of County Assemblies and County Executives
  • County Assembly Secretariat Staff
  • Civil Society Groups with an interest in Devolution
  • Students of Devolution
  • Judicial Officers
  • Litigation Lawyers

Course Tuition
The cost per participant is Kshs. 65,000 (which will cover conference costs, meals and accommodation), and KShs. 50,000 for Day Participants. Payments can be made either through the bank: Trans National Bank A/c No: 0040503005 Nakuru or via MPesa Pay Bill 511480 (Account name is the participant’s name). Interested persons are invited to apply for the course by sending an email to lawshortcourses@kabarak.ac.ke by 20th April 2017.

Course content
Session 1
The Concept of Devolution explained
Session 2
Understanding the 3 conventional roles of government: lawmaking, execution and judicial.
Session 3
The relationship between county government and national government.
Session 4
The extent and limits of the county assembly’s mandate.
Session 5
The complementary role of county assemblies in implementing
national legislation.
Session 6
Basic concepts in law making.
Session 7
The procedure of law making.
Session 8
Public participation as a component of the law-making process.
Session 9
County Assembly Standing Orders.
Session 10
The disjunction between laws on paper and laws in practice.
Session 11
Creating public information: bill-tracking and law reporting.
Session 12
Reform of the county assembly legislative function.

Forthcoming Training
1.Devolution Law:

Thematic area 2:The oversight function of county assemblies
Thematic area 3: Participatory budgeting and budget making in counties
Thematic area 4: Public Finance Management in Counties – Legal and Regulatory Framework

2.Election Law and Practice

3.Children’s Rights

4.Cyberspace and the Law

5.Human Rights Aspects of Migration



For further information and/or clarifications kindly contact us:
The Short Courses Secretariat | Kabarak University Law School, Nakuru | Private Bag 20157 KABARAK
Telephone: +254 773 049 779 Email: lawshortcourses@kabarak.ac.ke


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