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Bachelor of Business Information Technology

The general purpose of the program is to train and equip learners with knowledge and skills in Business Information Technology to enable them provide expertise in the public or private sector organizations or pursue further studies in the field.

Minimum Admission Requirements
KCSE minimum Mean grade C+ with C in Mathematics and English
Expected Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that graduates will be able to:
2. Interpret fundamental IT concepts and apply the principles of Information Technology in modern organizations.
3. Integrate the theory and practice of information technology with the fundamental principles of business management, financial management, operations management,
strategic planning, and marketing.
4. Examine the influences of technology on business operations, e-commerce and globalization of business.
5. Identify the prevailing legal principles and ethical issues associated with information technology in the workplace.
6. Appraise the principles and practices of database systems, information technology project planning, information systems and information security.
Graduation Requirements
To qualify for graduation, students enrolled in this course shall complete a minimum of 168 credit factors divided as follows:
a) University Common Courses: 6 courses x 3 Cf’s =18 credit factors
b) Core Courses in Business and IT: 50 courses x 3 Cf’s = 150 credit factors

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