Mr. Wilson Balongo
Coordinator Innovation and Business Incubation
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The Innovation and Business Incubation Committee

Mandate of the committee

The Innovation and Business Incubation committee performs the following functions:

  1. Developing policies, processes and guidelines on innovation management at the University.
  2. Developing and running training programs for innovators on areas such as innovation, entrepreneurship, commercialization, IP Protection and in other technical areas required.
  3. Establishing innovation activities in all schools / disciplines
  4. Identifying commercially viable ideas and support their business incubation.
  5. Providing support for innovation in areas such as commercialization and IP protection.
  6. Organizing events to identify expose and reward innovators.


The committee comprises of the following members;

  1. Coordinator, Innovation and Business Incubation.
  2. School Representatives
  3. General Manager, Kabarak University Enterprises

Policy documents
1. Research and Innovation Hubs, Laboratories, Institutes & Centres Policy
2. Innovation Policy
3. University Intellectual Property (IP) policy


  • The Inter Region Economic Network Technologies and Innovation Platform 2021
    Kabarak University participated the in IREN Technologies and Innovation Platform 2021 held on 13th March 2021 at the Shianda demonstration field in Kakamega County.
    The University exhibited a project dubbed ROBAMA developed by the Enactus Club in the year 2014. The prototype and demonstration were sponsored by IREN (K) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.Through this exhibition members of the public were trained on waste management by technology transfer. The project addresses plastic waste management and comprises of a plant named ROBAMA, which uses pyrolysis method to produce diesel and gas from plastic waste. The project aims to create jobs, stimulate economies, and reimagining plastic waste management.The team representing the University comprised of Mr Wilson Balongo, the Coordinator of Innovation and Business Incubation, Ms Faith Yator, the Coordinator, Outreach and Linkages, Mr Shadrack Koech, Mr Victor Akoto, Mr Livingstone Mmani, Ms Teresa Valerie, Ms Salome Njeri, Ms Maria Nyabiage, Mr Samuel Wafula, Mr Bahati Innocent, Ms Marion Jeluget, Mr Maurice Moshe and Ms Elizabeth Pato.