Name: Justus William Onchari Otiso

Designation: Law Lecturer, Director Centre For Alternative Dispute Resolution, Moot Court & Debates Coordinator

Department:  Commercial Law

School: Law


Address: P.O. BOX Private Bag Kabarak, 20157





Masters in Law (International Commercial Law)

Nottingham University, U.K.

May 1996- August 1996


Post Graduate Diploma in Law             Kenya

Kenya School of Law


Bachelors of Laws

Wolver Hampton University, U.K.

Jan 2012 to date

Lecturer, Kabarak University.

April 2003 to date

Principal Partner, Onchari Otiso & Company Advocates.

June 2012 to April 2019

Head of Department, Commercial Law, Kabarak University

April 2018- to date

Director, Centre For Alternative Dispute Resolution, Kabarak University

Jan 2002- March 2003

Associate, Oguttu Mboya & Company Advocates.

May 2001- Dec 2001

Associate, Onyancha Bw’Omote & Company Advocates

1. The Irony of costs in arbitration (2018) 6(1) Alternative Dispute Resolution ISBN 978-9966-046-14-7

2. The Role of Court-Annexed Mediation in Resolving Succession Disputes in Kenya: An Appraisal ,(2017) Journal of CMSD Volume 1(2) ISBN 978-9966-046-15-4

3. Psychotherapy, Legal Process and Ethics: Quality Palliative Care and the Place Assisted Suicide in Kenya, Mara Research Journal of law, Vol 1. No. 1,2016.


Mediation, International Arbitration, Domestic Arbitration, Alternative/ Appropriate Dispute Resolution, Competition Law, International Trade Law, Procedural Law