Dr. Ruth OWINO

Staff Information
Lecturer, Electronic Media

Dr. Owino is a highly accomplished communication professional with extensive expertise in strategic communication, media studies, reputation management, advocacy, and lobbying. With her exceptional skills in research, training, and analysis of communication patterns, Dr. Owino has made significant contributions to various organizations' brand positioning and leadership. Her research and training skills extend to various areas, including education, climate change, universal health coverage, and government communication. Dr. Owino has consulted with prestigious organizations such as the UNESCO, IKEA Foundation, the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), KUSCCO, USAID, and the World Bank, where she helped improve their brand positioning and leadership through effective communication strategies. Her research work has been widely recognized and published in leading peer-reviewed journals. As a seasoned post-graduate supervisor and examiner at Kabarak and Daystar Universities, Dr. Owino has mentored and trained numerous communication professionals. Currently serving as the Editorial and Publication Coordinator at Kabarak University, Dr. Owino is also a lecturer of communication. She earned her Ph.D. in Communication from Daystar University, a Master of Arts Degree in Communication from Daystar University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from Busoga University.

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Ph.D. in Communication, Daystar University

Master of Arts in Communication, Daystar University

Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Busoga University 


Professional Development in Competency-Based Curriculum (KICD)

Graduate Competencies through Experiential Learning (Kabarak University)

Strategic Leadership Development Programme (Kenya School of Government)

Strategic and Crisis Communication (Embassy of the USA -Nairobi)

Research and Grant Writing Course (Africa Population and Health Research Centre)


Media Studies and Strategic communication 


Lecturer -Kabarak University 

Lecturer -Daystar University 

Doctoral Fellow -Daystar University 

Public Relations Executive, Brandmagnet Ltd 

Media Relations Officer, FEMNET 

News Reporter, Nation Media Group


Trainer: Facilitate various workshops and train staff members on strategic communication and marketing, Excellent service delivery, Employee relations, Multi-tasking and Future-workplace, Leadership, and Moving up the ladder. The training and workshops are conducted through the Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Co-operatives Ltd (KUSCCO).

Rapporteur: Sector Briefs Content creator for the American Chambers of Commerce Business Summit (AmCHAM). Manage the direct business-to-business engagement, report outcomes from different thematic sector discussions, and document policy report outcomes.

Digital communication Strategist:  Communication support for the 2021 Agricultural Virtual Symposium by America Chambers of Commerce (AmCHAM). Document and report the event Proceedings; Technical and logistical support; Prepare briefs, minutes, and session reports; Coordination of the Physical and Online.

Communication Analyst: Develop a communication strategy; Digital media coverage for the launch of the Nakuru Living Lab, a project under REFOOTURE funded by the IKEA Foundation and supported by Wageningen University; Create meaningful conversations around co-creation in regenerative and inclusive practices for sustainable food systems; Monitor the social media channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube); and Create innovative ways of digital storytelling.


Media Framing, Strategic Communication, Health Systems, Government Communication, Climate Change, Crisis Communication and Reputation Management


Owino, R. & Karani, B.K. (2022). Conflict Sensitive Journalism and Elections: Analysis of the media coverage of the 2017 Elections in Kenya. Kabarak Journal of Research & Innovation11(3), 299-307. Retrieve from http://ojs.kabarak.ac.ke/index.php/kjri/article/view/521

Owino, R. (2022). Crisis Management in the Airline Industry: Crisis response strategies employed by Silverstone Airline during the 2019 crises. Journal Of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS). 27 (2), p. 38-47. Retrieve from https://www.iosrjournals.org/iosr-jhss/papers/Vol.27-Issue2/Ser-1/G2702013847.pdf

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Owino, R. (2021). Towards Universal Health Coverage: An assessment of the Healthcare system in Kenya between 2017 -2020. Kabarak Journal of Research & Innovation, 11(3), 283-298. Retrieve from http://ojs.kabarak.ac.ke/index.php/kjri/article/view/520

Manyasa, E., Omondi, D., Owino, R., & Aswani, R., (2021). Use of Social Media to manage crises: A case of Daystar University’s 2017-2018 crisis. International Journal of Media, Journalism, and Mass Communication (IJMJMC).7 (2), p. 32 -45. Retrieve from https://www.arcjournals.org/pdfs/ijmjmc/v7-i2/4.pdf

Okoye, JB., Owino, R., Anyasi, L. & Mule, D. (2019). The alternative platform: Kenya’s television station’s navigation during the switch-off of Raila Odinga’s swearing-in. Journalism Practice. Retrieve from http://iosrjournals.org/iosr-jhss/papers/Vol.%2023%20Issue11/Version-2/F2311023242.pdf

Owino, R. and Rajendran JB. (2018). Exploration of rhetorical and critical tradition and its variations based on selected theorists within the tradition. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science., 23, 11 (2). 32-42. Retrieve from https://www.iosrjournals.org/iosr-jhss/papers/Vol.%2023%20Issue11/Version-2/F2311023242.pdf


Media Economics in the Pandemic: A Kenyan perspective. 11th Annual Conference of the East African Communication Association (EACA), Light University, Burundi (August 2022)

Fake News, Misinformation and Disinformation in an evolving digital world. East Festival hosted by the Graduate School of Media and Communication, Aga Khan University -Kenya (October 2021)

The Strategic Role of Government Communication in the implementation of the Big 4 Agenda. International Conference on Media and Communication in the 21st Century Governance, Kabarak University (October 2021).

Managing the Covid-19 infodemics: Media coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya amidst misinformation and disinformation. 10th Annual Conference of the East African Communication Association (EACA). Christian University -Uganda (October 2021)

The implications of political PR of the ruling party on democracy and citizenship: A comparative study of Kenya and Burundi. 8th EACA conference on Media and Democracy in Africa. Light University, Burundi (August 2018).

Rhetorical Analysis of Political Messages in the media about the Mau Forest in Kenya (July 2017). International Conference on Media, Rhetoric, and Development in Africa. UNISA Pretoria - South Africa (July 2017)

Moral panic: Media representation of the folk devils in the case of Project X house party. 7th EACA on the Economics of media business in the 21st Century. University of Rwanda-Kigali (August 2017)

Digital journalism, citizenship, and professional ethics: Political blogging in Kenya. Journalism, Society, and Politics in the Digital Media Era Conference. The Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol -Cyprus (September 2017)


Media Studies, Strategic communication, Broadcast, Political Communication, Research, Advocacy and Public Relations

Masters Level:

Manyasa Eleanor Mavis (2020). Assessment of social media usage on corporate reputation during a crisis: A case of 2017/2018 crisis at Daystar University. http://repository.daystar.ac.ke/xmlui/handle/123456789/3361

Kashironge N. Gratia (2020). Assessing the role of social media in customer engagement among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): A case of Marini Naturals.

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Member of the East Africa Communication Association (EACA)

Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK)

National Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Content Moderation in Kenya

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