Outreach & Linkages

About Outreach

Welcome to Outreach at Kabarak University.

At Kabarak University, we are committed to engaging the community in order to identify needs and challenges, to help us develop solutions through research and innovation, and to share the ensuing research and innovation outputs.

Through Outreach & Linkages, the university coordinates faculty and students from the various schools in the conduct of activities that include; Consultancy Services, Technology Transfer, Translation of Research to Policy and Practice, Community-Based Capacity Development, Humanitarian and Voluntary Services and Engagement in Cultural and Environmental Activities.


The Directorate of Research, Innovation and Outreach through Outreach, grants and Innovation activities have been able to initiate partnership and linkages with various institutions .The signed MOUs include; University of Nairobi, County Government of Nakuru, County Government of Baringo and the Ministry of Information, communication and Telecommunication and others are in progress


Ms. Faith Yator

Coordinator Outreach and Linkages

The Outreach and Linkages Committee

Outreach and Linkages management  

Outreach and Linkages function comprises a committee which is made up of a Coordinator (Secretary), Marketing Manager and other members drawn from each School. Detailed terms of reference for the committee are included in the University Research Policy 2019.

Committee Mandate

The Outreach and Linkages committee performs the following functions:

  1. Developing policies, processes and guidelines on outreach and linkages at the University.
  2. Establishing and overseeing outreach activities in all schools.
  3. Establishing and overseeing linkages with the community and industry in all schools.
  4. Organizing and attending community and industry outreach programs and events to identify needs and to share University research outputs.

Policy documents
Click on the following link to view the policy document Outreach and Linkages Policies

Objective of Outreach and Linkages

The main objective is to impact the community through Research and Innovation as well as initiate strategic partnerships with relevant institutions in order to foster corporate relationships. It is also meant to provide a steady link between the University and the communities around.

By engaging in outreach activities, Schools will improve the quality of life for members of Kabarak University community while gaining valuable experience and insights that can inform teaching, research and innovation.


Outreach and linkages function has made tremendous progress since its establishment in 2019, in serving the community. The activities has been done through partnership and linkages. Some of the highlights on the achievements are; Capacity Development for NGO’s and CBO’s , Business Community and Schools, which various  training  have been undertaken  and several webinars including Outreach for  pastors and  Church leadership ,career capacity development, mentorship ,life skill empowerment  and humanitarian activities

Over 300 individuals (Youth, community leaders, students, pastors and church leaders), four countries and 17 counties have been reached.

The Outreach function through the Innovation and business Incubation initiatives, were able to exhibit a project dubbed ROBAMA developed by the Enacts Club in the year 2014 at Sianda, Kakamega County. Through this exhibition members of the public were trained on waste management by technology transfer. The project aims to create jobs, stimulate economies, and re-imagining plastic waste management

Outreach Updates

    • Book Donations

      From left, Dr Moses M Thiga – Senior Lecturer Information Technology KABU, Ms Faith Yator Coordinator, Outreach and Linkages – KABU, Ms Emily Onchari – Deputy Librarian in Charge – KNLS Nakuru, Mr Joseck Olala – ICT Officer – KNLS Nakuru

      Dr. Moses Thiga, a Senior Lecturer at Kabarak University in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology paid a visit to the Kenya National Library Service, Nakuru County and the Nakuru County Director of Education on 3rd August 2021. During these visits, he donated 45 copies of his book titled ‘A Handbook for Establishing Computer Clubs in Kenyan High Schools’ and 530 copies of the book titled ‘How to be Safe Online’ donated by Google.
      The objective of the outreach was to provide materials to guide and encourage high school teachers on how to start and maintain computer clubs in their respective schools. The online safety books, targeted largely at young learners aim to educate them on the safe use of the internet.
      An additional 900 copies of the Computer clubs book and 1,500 copies of the online safety books were also distributed to various high schools and Primary Schools across the 47 counties through the respective county Directors of Education between 11th and 13th August 2021.
      He was accompanied by Ms. Faith Yator, Coordinator Outreach and linkages, Directorate of Research, Innovation and Outreach

    • Harambee Khalsa Primary Outreach
      Ms Faith Yator, the Coordinator of Outreach and Linkages in the Directorate of Research Innovation and Outreach paid a visit to the girls of Harambee Khalsa primary in Nakuru East Sub County on 16th March 2021. During the visit 100 class seven and class eight girls received guidance on issues such as drug abuse and early sex exposure.

    • Kahiro Primary School Outreach
      Mr Simon Wachira, a student in the school of Pharmacy recently mobilized support for sanitary towels from his fellow students at Kabarak University. The sanitary towels donation was presented to the pupils of Kahiro Primary School in Kirinyaga County on 18th March 2021.
      During the event the students ware counseled on various life issues such as drug abuse, sex education and career talks.

    • Dandelion Africa Outreach 2021
      Kabarak University, Directorate of Research Innovation and Outreach held an outreach for a local Community Based Organization, Dandelion Africa between 22nd February and 29th March 2021 The objective of the outreach was capacity building for the CBO staff in order to enable them to be more effective in their community engagement activities.The areas for capacity building were; Global Health, Psychology and Counseling, and Strategic planning. A total of 20 staff from Dandelion Africa attended the training which was done online via Zoom.
      The training was undertaken by Kabarak University staff from various Schools/Departments and specializations; Dr. Wesley Bor (Medicine and Health Sciences), Dr. James Kay (Education Arts), Ms. Faith Yator (Business and Economics).

    • Dandelion Africa Outreach 2020
      Kabarak University, Directorate of Research Innovation and Outreach held an outreach for a local Community Based Organization, Dandelion Africa between September and December 2020. The objective of the outreach was capacity building for the CBO staff in order to enable them to be more effective in their community engagement activities.
      During the outreach 15 staff were trained on resource mobilization, data analysis using SPSS, marketing, bioethics, guidance and counseling. The outreach also included spiritual nourishment and mentorship sessions.The training was undertaken by Kabarak University staff from various departments and specializations; Dr. Moses Thiga (Computer Science) ,Mr. Charles Mwangi (Statistics), Mr. Gibson Gitachu (Business and Economics) ,Dr. Pamela Kimeto (Medicine and Health Sciences), Dr. Jane Langat (Counselling), Rev. Justus Mutuku (Chaplaincy) and Faith Yator (RIO) respectively.

  • Pastors and Church Leadership Outreach 2020
    The Theology Department in the School of Education undertook a one day seminar to reach out to pastors and church leaders around the globe on Friday 13th November 2020. The outreach, led by Dr Elkanah Cheboi, targeted church leaders such as pastors, chaplains, missionaries, and lay leaders.
    The theme for the seminar was ‘Dynamics of Ministry During and After Covid-19’and the topics presented included; exploring historical lessons on how the modern church can respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic, promoting an understanding of Christian ministry in diverse contexts, creating an understanding of emerging Ecclesial leadership threats and opportunities and empowering church leaders to be effective in their God-given mandate amidst challenging circumstances.
    The event was attended by 134 participants from four countries; Uganda, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, and Kenya. At least fifteen church denominations were represented. Key participant groups included chaplains from high schools, colleges and universities, and police service and leaders from parachurch organizations.
    The seminar was facilitated by Rev. Dr. Elkanah Cheboi, Lecturer, Kabarak University, Dr. Bill Rhodes, Missionary Surgeon, Kapsowar Mission Hospital, Rev. Ken Kimiywe, Immediate Former Deputy Bishop, CITAM Ministries and Rev. Justus Mutuku, Chaplain, Kabarak University.