Dr. Simon Kibet Kipchumba

  • Simon Kibet KipchumbaRegistrar Administration & Human Resource
  • Senior Lecturer



June, 2015 Ph.D. Educational Economics and Management Nanjing Agricultural University, China
2007 Masters in Business Administration Egerton University, Kenya
2001 Bachelor of Business Management Moi University, Kenya


Human Resource Management, Management, Strategic Management, Organizational

Behavior, Performance Management, Hr Planning, Talents management, Organizational

Theories, labour economics, Management of higher education, Business Communication,

International Business


April 2018 to date Senior Lecturer, Egerton University
Nov 2013  to March 2018 Lecturer, Egerton University
May 2011-Nov 2013 Assistant Lecturer- Egerton University
Aug 2009 – Apr 2011 Assistant Lecturer – Narok University College
May 2007 – July 2009  Assistant Registrar (Admin & HR) – Kabarak University
Apr 2005 -Apr2007 Senior Administrative Assistant (Admin & HR), Kabarak University
May 2002- March 2005 Administrative Assistant ( Admin & HR), Kabarak University


Academic Administrative Appointments

September, 2017 to Date Appointed as Head of Business Administration Department, Egerton


May, 2017 Appointed Expert Developer/Reviewer in Business Management

Programme for Distance Learning Programme, Egerton University.

April, 2017 Appointed as the Programme Academic Leader for Bachelor of

Business Management, for a period of 3yrs, Egerton University.

March,2017 – Date Appointed as Consultant in Certified Strategic Management and

Leadership, Kenya Institute of Management (KIM).

March,2017 Appointed as a Facilitator for Certification of Human Resource

Practitioners, Kenya Institute of Management (KIM)

Feb,2017 Appointed as a coordinator, Post Graduate Programme, Faculty  of

Commerce, Egerton University

September, 2016 Appointed as a Member and the Chairperson of the Review Panel for

Bachelor of Human Resource Management by Namibia National

Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Secretariat at Namibia

University of Science and Technology, Windhoek.

April 2016 Nominated a reviewer distant learning E-Content Materials for

Management Courses, Egerton University

Nov, 2015 and April 2016 Acting COD, Department of Business Administration, Egerton


Oct, 2015 Appointed Co-ordinator for PhD Programme, Faculty of Commerce,

Egerton University

Dec 2014-April 2014 The development strategy of High-level Agriculture University (Project

number: B-a/2013/01/003). Finance by higher education planning

office of Jiangsu province-China

 July 2012


Member, Faculty of commerce Research team ,Egerton University,

develop a concept paper on solutions to perennial hunger in Kenya; A

business perspective on Economic empowerment for sustainable

development among the Pastoralist community in Turkana

August 2011


Appointed a member of the Credit transfer policy for Faculty of

Commerce Egerton University.

Oct to Dec 2011


Ag. Examination Officer, Department of Business

Administration. Egerton University.

Oct 2009 to April 2010  Co-ordinator Post graduate Programmes, Narok University College


November 2009, appointed a member of the  committee developing Research  Policy, Narok  University College

Seminars and Conferences Participated

14 th Nov,2018 Facilitated Training Workshop on the Role of Hr professionals in

strategy formulation and execution; a partnership between



22nd May ,2017 Workshop on Containing Unrest in Schools in Baringo County at

Kapropita Girls, Ministry of Education, Kenya.

24th -27th  April,2017 Sensitization workshop on Infrastructure grants for Secondary Schools

for 100% Transition at Machakos Girls, Ministry of Eduaction.Kenya.

Nov 5th 2014 Presented a proposal on foreign student life in china and the need to

improve stipend, at the 2014 Chinese government scholarship, PhD

student seminar, Nanjing South East University, China.

19th-23th September, 2014. World Agriculture Prize Award Conference, Nanjing Agricultural

University, China.

July 5th -7th July 2014 Presented a paper on Effect of Student Enrolment on university

Outputs, Is the gap widening? At the Jiangsu annual conference of

Higher Educational economics and Management, Nanjing University,

China. Won First Prize award.

 July 2012


Research funding Proposal writing, Egerton University
April, 2012


Pedagogical skills training for effective teaching, Egerton University.


July 2008


Re-engineering Kabarak University after ,after Charter award ,

Naivasha Morendat Workshop for senior  and middle level Managers,

August, 2008.


Participated in the development of data collection instrument for

Education Management Information System for Higher Education at

Utalii Hotel, Nairobi. The sponsor was the Ministry of Education and

Commission of Higher Education.



Fleet Management Seminar, Organized by Automobile Association of Kenya, Nairobi
 August 2007 Positioning the HR & OD Professionals to address the challenges of  emerging regional and global markets, Kenya Institute of Management
May 2005


Job evaluation and performance management, organized by Kenya Institute of Management.






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1 12th to 14th October 2011, presented a paper on relationship between Firm’s capital structure and Dividend payout: Companies listed in (NSE) at the 1st  Annual Kabarak International conference


2 25th to 26th August 2011, presented a paper on Creating a Learning Organization through Developing a reading culture among Employees at AIBUMA 2011 conference at KICC Nairobi




Completed Projects

Name of Student Thesis / Project Title and University Registered Degree Date of Graduation
Joseph Ruto Analysis of Porters generic model as a tool of leverage organizational performance MBA Dec 2018
Evans Kuree  Strategic formulation and implementation as a means of competitive adavantage MBA December, 2018
Tallam Viola Chepkoech Effect of E-business Strategy on the Performance of Commercial Banks in Eldoret, Kenya MBA December 2016
Linet Cheraisi Effect of Selected Human Capital Strategies on Organizational Performance, Co-supervised by Mr. Amos Ayuo MBA December 2015
Rono Jeffy Kipsang Effects of Human Resource Management Practices on Industrial Disputes in Public Universities in Kenya, Co-supervised by Josephine Rotich MHRM December 2015
Nyantika Daniel Effects of Selected Motivational Factors on Job Satisfaction, Co-supervised by Dr. Daniel Auka MHRM December 2015
Vincent Kipngetich Effects of Service Quality on Organizational Performance in Kenyan Universities, Co-supervised by Dr. Dinah Kipkebut MBA December 2014
Elizabeth Wanjiru Ngigi Effects of Demographic Characteristics and Organizational Climate on Employee Job Satisfaction, Co-supervised by Dr. Dinah Kipkebut MBA June 2014
Komen Lucy Birir Effect of Turnaround Strategies on Performance of Public Corporations in Kenya, Co-supervised by Dr. Henry Kombo MBA December 2014
Zachary Muhindi Kisengo Effects of Firm Characteristics on Performance of The Microfinance Sector in Nakuru, Kenya, Co-supervised by Dr. Henry Kombo MBA December 2014
Winfred Musangi Mulinge Knowledge Management Strategies and Their Contribution To Small and Medium Enterprises Sales Growth, Co-supervised by Prof. Patience Mushenga MBA December 2013



Performance Management, Management of Higher Education, Knowledge Management, Talents Management