Kabarak University Hosts NTV Crossover Live Segment on "Life with Social Media"

Kabarak University, a renowned institution of higher learning, played host to an exciting event that blended entertainment, education, and spirituality. The university's spacious auditorium became the stage for NTV's crossover live segment, which centered around the theme of "Life with Social Media." The event aimed to explore the impact of social media on our daily lives, with a particular focus on its potential to bring us closer to God.

The Kabarak University chaplain, Rev. Justus Mutuku with the sermonette emphasized that social media, if used wisely, can serve as a tool to deepen our spiritual connection rather than alienate us from it. He encouraged the audience to harness the power of social media in a positive way, using it to strengthen their relationship with God and as a means to spread messages of love, compassion, and faith.

Following Rev. Justus Mutuku's inspiring words, the audience was treated to a series of outstanding performances by talented Kabarak University students and some of Kenya's top Gospel artists. The stage came alive with vibrant music, soul-stirring melodies, and captivating dance routines. The performances exemplified the rich talent nurtured within the university and left the audience moved and inspired.

One of the highlights of the live event was the presence of Kabarak University's Vice-Chancellor, Prof Henry K. Kiplangat, who was the esteemed guest of the day. Prof Kiplangat took the stage to share the remarkable milestones and achievements of Kabarak University, both locally and internationally. He emphasized the institution's commitment to producing well-rounded professionals equipped with 21st-century skills and strong biblical Christian values.

Prof Kiplangat extended an invitation to prospective students aspiring to join universities, encouraging them to choose Kabarak University. He assured them that Kabarak's educational programs would not only prepare them for the job market but also instill in them the principles and values needed to navigate the professional world with integrity and competence.


The event at Kabarak University served as a platform for meaningful discourse on the influence of social media in our lives. It highlighted the potential of social media to be a force for good, provided it is used responsibly and thoughtfully. The performances by the talented students and Gospel artists showcased the university's dedication to nurturing artistic talent alongside academic excellence.

Kabarak University's commitment to holistic education, combining professional skills with ethical values, shone through Prof Kiplangat's address. The institution's mission to produce graduates who are not only competent but also guided by biblical principles reflects a unique approach to higher education. Kabarak University aims to shape individuals who will not only excel in their chosen fields but also contribute positively to society, embodying values that transcend the workplace.

As the NTV crossover live segment came to a close, the audience departed with a renewed understanding of the potential of social media, as well as a deep appreciation for Kabarak University's commitment to holistic education. The event served as a reminder that in the age of digital connectivity, it is essential to utilize social media in a way that strengthens our bonds with each other and brings us closer to our spiritual selves.

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