Empowering Students through the Peer Counselors Training Program at Kabarak University

Kabarak University, under the guidance of the Counseling Section within the Department of Spiritual and Student Affairs, recently hosted a three-day Peer Counselors Training Program from October 11th to October 13th, 2023. This enriching initiative was spearheaded by the esteemed Dean of Students, providing students with invaluable insights into the art and science of counseling. With a diverse range of topics covered and a team of dedicated coordinators, the event was a resounding success.

The program kicked off with a profound session on "Faith Development" led by Rev. Justus Mutuku, the University Chaplain. His talk emphasized the role of spirituality in counseling, reminding students that faith can be a powerful tool in supporting individuals in need.

Rev. Dr. Julius Langat, in his presentation on the "Introduction to Peer Counseling program," laid the foundation for understanding the core principles and techniques of peer counseling. This provided students with a comprehensive overview of what it means to be an effective Peer Counselor.

"Self-awareness" was the focus of the third session, which was skillfully conducted by Pastor Ester Kapsir, the University Counselor. This session encouraged students to delve into their own emotions and personal experiences, helping them understand the importance of self-awareness in counseling.

The program continued with Rev. Dickson Korir, who delved into "Counseling Theories." This session provided students with a comprehensive understanding of various counseling approaches and theoretical frameworks that underpin the counseling profession.

Ms. Veronicah Kombich took the stage to discuss "Personal Growth and Behavioral Change." Her insightful session aimed to help students recognize the significance of personal growth and its relationship with behavioral change, a crucial aspect of effective counseling.

Rev. Dr. Unice Njenga led an engaging session on "Communication Skills,"  emphasizing the importance of effective communication in establishing trust and rapport with clients. This session provided practical tools for students to enhance their communication abilities.

Pastor Ester Kapsir returned to guide students through "Basic Counseling Skills." This foundational session enabled students to grasp the fundamental skills required for effective counseling and was a vital component of the training.

The program continued with "Contemporary Issues,"  presented by Rev. Dr. Julius Langat, which provided students with a deep understanding of how to address modern challenges in counseling. Following this, Ms. Veronicah Kombich explored "Professional Ethics," an essential topic to ensure the ethical and responsible practice of counseling.

"Career and Job Search Skills"  were addressed by Rev. Dr. Unice Njenga, giving students insights into how counseling skills can be applied in career guidance. Lastly, Rev. Dickson Korir shared valuable knowledge on "Life Skills," equipping students with the skills needed to help clients navigate life's challenges effectively.

The successful execution of this training program was the result of dedicated coordination by Pr. Ester Kapsir, Miheso Hedrick, Lutta Mumia, Belinda Kurgat, and Athman Ali. Their efforts ensured that the students of Kabarak University were equipped with the essential knowledge and skills required to become effective Peer Counselorss.

This Training has provided students with a comprehensive foundation in the field of counseling. With a diverse range of topics covered and an expert team of coordinators, this program has empowered students to embark on their counseling journey with confidence and competence. It is a testament to the university's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who can make a positive impact on the lives of others through counseling.

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