The Vice-Chancellor's 2023 Address to New Students: Envisioning a Different Future

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Henry Kiplangat warmly welcomed the incoming class of 2023. This address was a pivotal moment for the new students as Prof. Kiplangat shared the rich history of the university, current initiatives, and the university's unwavering commitment to crafting a unique future through the transformation of education.

Prof. Kiplangat commenced his address by taking the students on a journey through the history of Kabarak University. Founded on the principles of academic excellence, integrity, and a commitment to holistic education, the university has earned a distinguished reputation both regionally and internationally. Prof. Kiplangat emphasized the institution's dedication to upholding these values and ensuring that every student receives a world-class education.

The Vice-Chancellor went on to outline the current initiatives that Kabarak University is actively pursuing. These include investments in state-of-the-art facilities, faculty development, research opportunities, and partnerships with leading institutions globally. Prof. Kiplangat stressed the importance of staying at the forefront of educational innovation, ensuring that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

A central theme of Prof. Kiplangat's address was the university's relentless pursuit of crafting a distinctive future for its students. He underscored that Kabarak University does not merely aim to follow established educational norms but rather to redefine them. The obsession with creating a different future has led to a comprehensive redesign of education at Kabarak University.

Prof. Kiplangat shared the university's commitment to redesigning education to meet the unique demands of the 21st century. This involves embracing innovation, technology, and adaptability as essential components of the learning process. He emphasized that students at Kabarak University would experience an education that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, preparing them to navigate a world characterized by rapid change and uncertainty.

In closing, Prof. Kiplangat challenged the incoming students to actively participate in the university's journey towards creating a different future. He encouraged them to embrace every opportunity for growth, to engage in research and community service, and to collaborate with their peers in pursuit of excellence.

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