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Kabarak University Student Wins Award for Excellence in Biodiversity Reporting

Kabarak University is proud to celebrate the achievements of Caroline Chebet, a second-year student in the Department of Mass Communication. Caroline was recently awarded the Excellence in Biodiversity Reporting Award by the Earth Journalism Network (EJN) during their 20th-anniversary event held in Palo Alto, California.

EJN recognized Caroline's investigative reporting on species often neglected by the media, highlighting the impact her work has had on policy change. In 2022, Caroline's investigation into the illegal trafficking of African grey parrots in Kenya exposed trafficking routes, policy loopholes, and how cybercriminals exploited the internet to endanger this species. This impactful story led to a significant policy shift, with the Kenyan government outlawing the ownership of unregistered parrots.

"Caroline exemplifies the power of investigative journalism," said Joydeep Gupta, EJN's manager for India, during the award ceremony. "Her reporting not only brings light to critical biodiversity issues but also leads to positive change and policies that benefit communities."

Caroline's dedication to environmental journalism extends beyond this singular achievement. Through grants and training provided by EJN, she has honed her skills in covering environmental issues, particularly the illegal wildlife trade.

"With EJN's support, Caroline has produced exceptional work," said James Fahn, EJN director. "Her stories have demonstrably influenced Kenyan policies and regulations regarding wildlife management, including rare bird species."

Caroline Chebet, a second-year student from the Department of Mass Communication, Kabarak University has been awarded Excellence in Biodiversity Reporting during the Earth Journalism Network's 20th anniversary.

In her acceptance speech, Caroline emphasized the importance of giving voice to lesser-known aspects of biodiversity. "The media often focuses on larger animals like lions and elephants," she said. "But there's a whole world of smaller wonders out there – the disappearance of a tiny bird, the resilience of a tortoise, the playful dance of wild dogs, or the vibrant chorus of frogs. These are the stories I chase, the ones that often go unheard."

Caroline continued, "This award celebrates the power of these seemingly small stories. They ripple outward, creating a positive impact on the wild world and beyond. Let's keep telling these wild and wonderful stories, because they matter."

Despite being based outside Nairobi, Caroline recognizes the crucial role journalists in the counties play. "EJN's support made me realize the immense potential I have as a journalist working outside a major city center," she shared. "They empowered me to tell stories that might otherwise be overlooked, stories that have deep meaning. This motivates me to keep searching, to keep listening for those often-forgotten voices."

She also highlighted the invaluable role of mentors and editors in supporting biodiversity journalism. "The byline might have my name, but the best stories are truly a symphony of voices," she concluded. "To the chorus of mentors who saw the spark and fanned it into a flame, my deepest gratitude."

Caroline's achievements add to her growing list of accolades. In 2021, she won a development reporting award, and in 2023, she was named first runner-up in the same category at the Media Council of Kenya's Annual Journalism Excellence Awards.

Source: County254News

Kabarak University congratulates Caroline on this well-deserved recognition and applauds her commitment to environmental journalism. We are proud to have such a dedicated and impactful student as part of our Mass Communication program.

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