Two-Day Sensitization Workshop for AARUK Members on New Funding Model of Universities

The Association of Academic Registrars of Universities in Kenya (AARUK) organized a two-day sensitization workshop at Aga Khan University to educate its members about the new funding model for universities. The workshop aimed to equip academic registrars with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the funding model's implications for academic administration, quality assurance, and strategic management. The event was graced by Professor Henry Kiplangat, the Vice Chancellor of Kabarak University, who also serves as the Patron of the association together with Prof. Mary Ndung’u the Vice-chancellor Kirinyaga University. In his address, Prof. Kiplangat expressed his respect and appreciation for the academic registrars and emphasized the importance of their role in university operations.

Academic registrars play a vital role in academic administration, quality assurance, and policy implementation within universities. Prof. Kiplangat highlighted the following key responsibilities of academic registrars:

Academic Administration: Academic registrars are responsible for planning and coordinating curriculum development for all programs and courses offered at the university. They oversee the academic calendar and manage various processes, including admissions, registration, examinations, certifications, and graduation. Moreover, they ensure compliance with admission requirements and qualifications for all programs, guaranteeing that students are appropriately admitted.

Quality Assurance: Academic registrars play a critical role in maintaining quality standards in academic programs and services. They work to meet customer expectations while ensuring adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements. Academic registrars also contribute to developing and sustaining critical academic processes, regulatory frameworks, and quality assurance practices. They facilitate staff development and capacity building in teaching and learning to enhance overall quality.

Custodians of University Documents: Academic registrars serve as custodians of essential university documents, including academic rules and regulations, the university prospectus, and students' records. They bear the responsibility of maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and quality of students' records. Academic registrars are entrusted with safeguarding academic transcripts, certificates, and other relevant documents, ensuring their security and accuracy.

Policy Development and Implementation: Academic registrars coordinate the implementation of academic policies and procedures approved by the University Council. They are instrumental in developing, implementing, and ensuring adherence to academic policies that govern various aspects of university operations.

Strategic Management: As members of the University Management Board, academic registrars contribute to the strategic management and development of the university. Their insights and expertise are valued in decision-making processes, particularly concerning academic affairs.

The two-day sensitization workshop organized by AARUK at the Aga Khan University provides academic registrars with valuable insights into the new funding model for universities. Prof. Henry Kiplangat, the Vice Chancellor of Kabarak University, acknowledged the crucial role of academic registrars and expressed his commitment to supporting them in matters related to academic affairs. Academic registrars, with their responsibilities in academic administration, quality assurance, policy implementation, and strategic management, are integral to the smooth functioning and success of universities. By embodying qualities such as integrity, attention to detail, passion for quality, hard work, innovation, and creativity, academic registrars can make a significant impact on the academic landscape in Kenya.

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