Kabarak University Shines Bright in Microsoft's Empowering Educator Training Program

Kabarak University, in collaboration with Microsoft ADC and Microsoft Leap, has made a significant impact on the educational landscape by participating in an innovative and empowering educator training program. This partnership, which involved nine universities in total, aimed to equip lecturers with essential skills in engineering, emerging technology, design, research, innovation, and pedagogical techniques.

The Faculty Skilling and Immersion program, launched by Microsoft Leap and Microsoft Africa Development Center (ADC), spanned five months and offered a comprehensive learning experience for the participating lecturers. Through a combination of online sessions, in-person training, expert coaching, and engagement with Microsoft ADC sponsors, the program provided valuable insights and tools to enhance teaching methods and project management capabilities.

During the intensive week-long training sessions, faculty members were immersed in industry-standard practices. They gained knowledge in project setup, sprint planning, teaching methodologies, CI/CD practices, and project reviews. This immersive environment fostered the professional growth of lecturers, equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in their teaching roles.

The educator training initiative is part of Microsoft Leap's broader offering, Leap as a Service (LaaS), which aims to bridge the skills gap in the tech ecosystem. By partnering with strategic organizations like Microsoft ADC, Microsoft Leap extends its reach and impact, providing educators with invaluable resources and support. Together, they strive to empower lecturers and bridge the divide between academia and industry.

As the program approached its conclusion, an exciting project challenge was presented to the educators. Divided into four teams, namely Lion, ZuriTech, Technocrats, and Skytechies, they were tasked with developing a solution to track git repositories on the renowned GitHub platform. GitHub, with its vast community of over 100 million developers worldwide, is a leading platform for building and delivering secure software.

Among the teams, ZuriTech, composed of Mercy Gachoka from Kabarak University, Esther Mwangi from Zetech University, and Victor Muriithi from Multi-Media University, emerged as the clear winner. ZuriTech impressed the judges with their exceptional teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities. Their victory serves as a testament to their hard work, dedication, and collaborative spirit, showcasing their ability to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions.

While ZuriTech claimed the top spot, it is crucial to acknowledge the contributions of all participating educators. Their unwavering dedication, commitment, and valuable contributions throughout the program played a significant role in its overall success. Their passion for continuous learning and commitment to improving the quality of education in the tech ecosystem deserve commendation.

Congratulations are in order for Microsoft Leap and Microsoft ADC for organizing this impactful educator training program. The achievements of ZuriTech and all participating educators exemplify their talent, perseverance, and commitment to excellence. Through initiatives like this, Microsoft Leap and its partners are making significant strides in bridging the skills gap and equipping educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a tech-driven future.

Kabarak University's involvement in this program demonstrates its commitment to academic excellence and innovation. By partnering with Microsoft Leap and actively participating in initiatives like the educator training program, Kabarak University is equipping its lecturers with the skills and knowledge needed to prepare students for the rapidly evolving technology landscape. This collaboration will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the quality of education provided by the university.

As technology continues to shape the world, partnerships between universities and industry leaders like Microsoft are essential for creating a robust and skilled workforce. By investing in the professional development of educators, institutions like Kabarak University ensure that students receive a relevant and cutting-edge education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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