Kabarak University School of Business and Economics Empowers Students with Career Talks

Kabarak University School of Business understands the importance of preparing its students for the professional world. In line with this commitment, the school has organized a series of career talks, inviting industry experts to share their knowledge and experiences with students. The Career Talks event is an integral part of the curriculum, providing students with valuable insights into various professional fields and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and guidance to make informed career choices. Let's take a closer look at some of the notable speakers who recently addressed the students.

Mr. James Chege - Co-founder and Marketing Director, Usalama Technology Limited and Jumuisha Limited:

One of the distinguished speakers at the Career Talks event was Mr. James Chege, a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Usalama Technology Limited and Jumuisha Limited. Mr. Chege's expertise in marketing and technology provided valuable insights to the Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT), Bachelor of Business Management and Information Technology (BMIT), and Bachelor of Business Information System (BMIS) students. Through his experience, he highlighted the evolving landscape of technology-driven businesses and emphasized the importance of innovation and adaptability in the digital era.

Mr. Sila Emmanuel - Director, Sigma Procurement Academy:

Supply Chain Management and Procurement students had the privilege of listening to Mr. Sila Emmanuel, the Director of Sigma Procurement Academy. With his extensive knowledge in procurement, Mr. Emmanuel shed light on the intricacies of supply chain processes and the significance of efficient procurement practices. His session aimed to equip students with the skills required to optimize procurement strategies and create value within organizations.

Ms. Celia Kisang - Business Relations Manager, ACCA:

For students pursuing courses in Accounting, Ms. Celia Kisang, the Business Relations Manager at ACCA, shared her expertise during the Career Talks. Ms. Kisang emphasized the importance of professional qualifications in the accounting field, highlighting the role of ACCA in fostering ethical practices, technical competence, and global recognition. Her session provided students with valuable insights into the accounting profession and the pathways to becoming qualified professionals.

Mr. Nicholas Kibet Siele - Group Human Resources Manager, Wananchi Group:

Human Resource Management (HRM) students had the privilege of learning from Mr. Nicholas Kibet Siele, the Group Human Resources Manager at the Wananchi Group. Mr. Siele shared his experiences and expertise, emphasizing the vital role of HRM in organizations and the changing dynamics of the modern workplace. He provided students with valuable insights into talent management, employee engagement, and the strategic role of HRM in driving organizational success.

Mr. Lamech Mito - Business Relationship Manager, ACCA-East Africa:

Lastly, the Finance students had the opportunity to gain insights from Mr. Lamech Mito, the Business Relationship Manager at ACCA-East Africa. Mr. Mito's session focused on the diverse career paths in the finance industry and the significance of professional qualifications, such as ACCA, in shaping successful finance careers. His talk aimed to inspire and guide students in their pursuit of excellence in the financial sector.

Kabarak University School of Business has demonstrated its commitment to nurturing well-rounded professionals by organizing insightful career talks for its students. The sessions provided a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge and experiences, empowering students with a deeper understanding of various professional fields. By inviting distinguished speakers like Mr. James Chege, Mr. Sila Emmanuel, Ms. Celia Kisang, Mr. Nicholas Kibet Siele, and Mr. Lamech Mito, the school has shown its dedication to equipping students with the necessary skills and guidance to excel in their chosen careers. The Career Talks event at Kabarak University

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