KABU UNESCO Chair on Culture and Arts

Prof. Joel Kiboss Takes the Helm of UNESCO Chair at Kabarak University

Kabarak University proudly welcomes Prof. Joel Kipkemboi Kiboss as the newly-minted Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair on Culture and Arts in Education for Sustainable Development. This appointment, a crescendo of scholarly achievement, marks a momentous occasion for both the university and the broader community.

In a lyrical ode to this accomplishment, Prof. Henry Kiplangat, the Vice Chancellor of Kabarak University, expressed his delight and optimism for the future. "Prof. Joel Kiboss embodies the spirit of innovation and cultural enlightenment that Kabarak University holds dear. His appointment as the UNESCO Chairholder is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the transformative power of education through culture and the arts," remarked Prof. Kiplangat.

The UNESCO Chair, a beacon of knowledge, creativity, and cultural understanding, now finds its steward in Prof. Kiboss. His dedication to advancing research, documentation, and training activities in the field of Culture and Arts in Education for Sustainable Development aligns seamlessly with the university's commitment to excellence.

As the virtual corridors of academia echo with congratulations, Prof. Joel Kiboss is poised to lead Kabarak University into a new era of scholarly discourse and pedagogical innovation. His expertise, coupled with a profound understanding of the importance of cultural heritage, promises to inspire a generation of students who will emerge as enlightened global citizens, contributing positively to the advancement of Kenyan society.

In the grandeur of this achievement, he is not only a torchbearer for Kabarak University but a cultural ambassador fostering collaboration, understanding, and creativity on a global scale. The university community eagerly anticipates the harmonious symphony that he will conduct as he takes the UNESCO Chair on Culture and Arts in Education for Sustainable Development to new heights.

As the curtains rise on this chapter of academic excellence, Kabarak University extends heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Joel Kiboss. May his journey as Chairholder be a melody of inspiration, enlightenment, and enduring impact on the cultural and educational landscape.

Stay tuned for the vibrant notes of progress and cultural enrichment under the capable leadership of Prof. Joel Kiboss, as Kabarak University continues to shape the future through the transformative power of education, culture, and the arts.

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