Programme Goal

The goal of the PhD in Music is to offer rigorous training geared towards enabling students acquire practical skills and knowledge in various aspects of music both as a field of study and profession. This programme aims at providing skills in the area of research methods and techniques, music theory and composition, music performance, music education, production technology, Ethnomusicology, music therapy.
Job Placements for the PhD in Music

Graduates from this programme are expected to work as music lecturers, curriculum developers, music policy makers, researchers, school administrators and managers, music producers, performing artists and mentors, music producers and composers, music therapists, ethnomusicologists. We also expect graduates of PhD in Music to favourably compete for job opportunities across the globe, as employees of national and international organisations and institutions.


Minimum Admission Requirements

Master of Music



  1. Music Education
  2. Music Composition
  3. Ethnomusicology
  4. Musicology
  5. Church Music and Music Therapy
  6. Music Production Technology


Expected Learning Outcomes of the PhD in Music

Broad areas of skills and knowledge base

The programme is expected to impact the following broad areas of skills and knowledge base:

a) Professional and ethical behaviour

Kabarak University intends to train music educators, curriculum developers, music policy makers, researchers, school administrators and managers, music producers, performing artists and mentors within the context of Biblical perspective capable of providing quality services in the education and performing arts sectors.

b) Leadership and Management Skills
The PhD in Music graduate should be able to play a leading role education and music policy matters. The graduates are expected to participate in leadership capacity development, community engagement and decision making at all levels in the communities in Kenya.

c) Research and Problem Solving
The PhD in Music graduate is expected to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through their studies at Kabarak University. Every stage of the programme will give the students an opportunity to identify and define problems through Music Education and to provide solutions.

d) Management of Music Education Information Systems
The PhD in Music graduate shall be exposed to a wide spectrum of training and information and which shall be regarded as critical to policy formulation, planning and implementation of music activities and programmes.

e) Communication and Collaboration
The PhD in Music graduate programme prepares individuals to teach, arrange, compose, critique, analyse, manage and conduct research in the music industry. They will learn with others through group assignments and projects, presentations, seminars, colloquiums and conferences. This is in keeping with the workplace expectations that individuals become more productive through team operations, and the participatory nature and principles of the music industry.


Specific learning outcomes

  1. To provide an opportunity for students to acquire broad practical and theoretical skills in music arts education.
  2. To produce graduates with the ability to deal with emerging issues in musical arts education.
  3. To apply practical and cognitive skills, techniques and research tools in providing solutions to societal problems and emerging issues in music
  4. To effectively contribute to knowledge creation and dissemination in music
  5. To be socio-economically empowered to positively impact oneself and humanity at large

Other Details

School: School of Music and Media
Tuition Fees per Semester (USD): 1,310.00
Tuition Fees per Semester:

Our Moral Code

As members of Kabarak University family, we purpose at all times and in all places, to set apart in one’s heart, Jesus as Lord. (1 Peter 3:15)


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