Kabarak University Media and Communication Conference 2024 on Content Moderation in the Digital Age kicks off day one

Kabarak University's School of Music and Media recently held its 14th International Research Conference, which focused on the critical issue of content moderation in the digital age. The conference brought together scholars, practitioners, and regulators to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of social media and other online platforms.

Keynote speakers included Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, and Ms. Christine Nguku, Assistant Director in Charge of Training and Curriculum Development at the Media Council of Kenya.

According to Dr. Mutua, the current lack of robust regulations surrounding online content creation has led to a proliferation of content that does not adhere to ethical standards. He emphasized the need for a balance between freedom of expression and responsible content management, especially on platforms like TikTok, where regulations are lax.

Dr. Mutua proposed exploring the use of algorithms to regulate content but acknowledged the potential dangers this poses to national security. He stressed the importance of ongoing dialogue to develop effective content moderation strategies that uphold moral values.

Kabarak University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Henry Kiplagat, highlighted the complex societal, ethical, and technological dilemmas surrounding content moderation. He called for collaboration between scholars, practitioners, and stakeholders to address the challenges of disinformation, hate speech, and content moderation in the digital landscape.

Prof. Kiplagat emphasized the conference's role in generating insights that will shape the future of the digital world. He pointed to the various issues demanding attention, such as gendered disinformation, the legal and ethical aspects of content moderation, and the role of tech companies in combating misinformation.

Ms. Christine Nguku of the Media Council of Kenya discussed the threats posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to content integrity if left unchecked. She urged content creators to be mindful of the limitations of both the content they share and the technology they use. The Media Council of Kenya, according to Ms. Nguku, has developed guidelines for journalists and content creators to help curb misinformation in the age of AI.

The Kabarak University School of Music and Media's 14th International Research Conference provided a valuable platform for discussing the critical issue of content moderation in the digital age. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, the conference fostered collaboration and the development of strategies to ensure a responsible and ethical digital space.

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