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A Pinnacle Gathering at Kabarak University: School of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences Connects with Parents

In a splendid demonstration of academic commitment and family collaboration, the distinguished School of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Kabarak University orchestrated a meticulously organized meeting, inviting parents to traverse the hallowed halls of the institution. This convocation, designed to delve into various facets of their progeny's educational journey, encompassing career prospects, campus life, academic accomplishments, and the challenges that occasionally beset their sons and daughters.

The rendezvous commenced with an impeccable registration process, ensuring that every parent was accorded the requisite care and attention. Following this, the parents were ushered into opulent executive buses, which, in turn, embarked on an immersive tour of the university's sprawling campus. Not only did this carefully orchestrated tour offer a glimpse into the remarkable infrastructure, but it also provided a visual narrative of the holistic academic environment in which their children were immersed.

The grand climax of this day of interaction was the assembly of parents within the resplendently adorned Monumental Auditorium. Here, they were greeted by an assembly of distinguished academics, most notably the venerable Heads of Departments (HoDs) and the esteemed Dean of the School of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Prof. B.J.A. Ngala, decorated with the coveted titles of MBS and OGW.

In gracious protocol, the floor was ceded to the Registrar of Academic and Research, Dr. Anthony Somba. His introduction was followed by the presence of the eminent Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John Ocholla, who, with unassuming eloquence, delivered the inaugural remarks on behalf of the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Henry Kiplangat. His welcome encapsulated the university's profound commitment to nurturing the intellectual and personal growth of the student body, affirming the institution's dedication to academic excellence and holistic development.

In culmination, the event served as a poignant reminder of the profound interconnectedness between the university, parents, and students. The day-long sojourn reaffirmed that education is not merely a solitary endeavor but a collaborative journey where the fortitude of the educational institution merges seamlessly with the nurturing wisdom of parents.

In the annals of Kabarak University, this occasion shall be etched as a pinnacle gathering—a symphony of academia and familial support—a testament to the commitment of Kabarak University's School of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences to not only impart knowledge but also to nurture the next generation of global citizens.

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