A Revamped Symbol of Faith: Kabarak University Dedicates New-Old Buses to the Lord

Amidst an ambiance brimming with vitality and faith, Kabarak University recently held a moving dedication ceremony for its newly revitalized two buses. Graced by the presence of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Henry Kiplangat, the university management, and a multitude of excited students, the event unfolded at the institution's administration block. Originally acquired in the university's fledgling days of 2002, these buses have now been rejuvenated in the spirit of embracing the timeless adage, "Old is Gold."

Kabarak University, a renowned institution that provides education from a biblical perspective, has always maintained its commitment to dedicate all its resources to the Lord, acknowledging Him as the ultimate source of wisdom, guidance, and protection. This dedication ceremony was no different; it marked the university's unwavering faith and gratitude to the giver of all wealth under the sun.

The transformation of the buses from aging buses to gleaming symbols of faith has captured the attention of the internet and the entire Kabarak community. The meticulous revamping process saw the buses completely overhauled, both inside and out. The result is a whole new bus that gleams with freshness, symbolizing a renewed dedication to the university's mission and values.

As the Vice-Chancellor and the university management stood beside the resplendent buses during the dedication ceremony, it was clear that this event was about more than just a mode of transportation. It was about reaffirming the institution's commitment to providing holistic, faith-based education while recognizing the importance of giving back to the Lord.

The dedication ceremony was marked by heartfelt prayers, echoing the university's faith-driven approach to education. Students, staff, and guests joined together in prayer, creating an atmosphere of unity and reverence. It was a powerful reminder that Kabarak University's mission is not merely academic but spiritual as well.

The newly revamped buses are not merely a cosmetic makeover; they represent the university's journey and its enduring commitment to its core values. As a tangible symbol of faith, they will serve as a constant reminder to all who travel in them of the university's dedication to the Lord.

The timing of this dedication is significant, as the buses are set to be used to transport students participating in the Kenya Music Festival Gala event at Nakuru High School. They will carry these young talents to a platform where they will showcase their skills and dedication, all while being a testament to the faith-based education they receive at Kabarak University.

In an age where materialism often takes precedence, Kabarak University's dedication to the revamped buses serves as a reminder that faith, gratitude, and giving back are values that endure through time. The university's commitment to education with a Biblical perspective is not just a motto but a way of life, exemplified by the newly restored buses.

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