Empowering Minds: Kabarak University's Career Mentorship in Mumias West and East

Kabarak University is not just an institution of higher learning; it's a place that believes in nurturing young minds and shaping their futures. Last Friday, a dedicated team of four individuals set out on a mission to Mumias West and East, eager to share the opportunities and knowledge that Kabarak University has to offer. Led by Pastor Esther Kapsir, Dominic Cherop, Lutta Mumia (a student hailing from Mumias), they embarked on a journey of career mentorship and inspiration.

Dedication to Inclusivity and Excellence

Kabarak University is making significant strides in its pursuit of quality education and services. Recently, the university dedicated a new lift at the Administration Block, designed to enhance accessibility for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). This move underscores the institution's commitment to inclusivity, ensuring everyone can navigate the campus comfortably.

The Vice-Chancellor's 2023 Address to New Students: Envisioning a Different Future

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Henry Kiplangat warmly welcomed the incoming class of 2023. This address was a pivotal moment for the new students as Prof. Kiplangat shared the rich history of the university, current initiatives, and the university's unwavering commitment to crafting a unique future through the transformation of education.

“This Girl Corazone” - A Rising Star at Kabarak University

Jane Corazone Adhiambo Otieno, affectionately known as Corazone, in a moment that left the audience at Kabarak University in fits of laughter and inspiration, captured the hearts of her fellow students during her vote of thanks at the first-year Vice-Chancellor's address. Just weeks away from her hometown in Syokimau and having graduated from Maasai Girls High School just a year ago, Corazone has already made Kabarak University her new home and is determined to leave an indelible mark during her time there.

Vice-Chancellor's Book Launch Event: A Celebration of Academic Excellence

On a bright and promising evening at the Grand Winston Hotel - Nakuru, a prestigious gathering of scholars, academicians, and intellectuals from all corners of the nation came together to celebrate a momentous occasion – the book launch of Kabarak University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Henry Kiplangat. The event was a reflection of academic excellence and a testament to the university's commitment to leading a culture of knowledge dissemination. The book, titled "University Management Practices and Academic Staff Job Satisfaction: Perspectives from Kenya," promises to be a valuable addition to the field of higher education.

A Warm Welcome: Kabarak University Inducts New Staff Members

Kabarak University proudly extends its warmest welcome to its latest additions to the academic family. The induction of these esteemed new staff members, a cherished tradition at Kabarak, was graced by an inspiring address delivered by our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Henry Kiplangat.

Kabarak University Prioritizes Staff Mental Health: "Anxiety: Look Within, Look Around"

Within the esteemed walls of Kabarak University, a significant and timely theme has come to the forefront this year: "Anxiety: look within, look around." This theme serves as a clear and urgent message to all members of the university community, urging them to examine not just their own mental health but also that of their fellow students, friends, neighbors, siblings, classmates, and peers. In the current academic year, this commitment takes a prominent position as the university encourages its dedicated counselors to partake in vital conversations addressing real-life challenges impacting individuals in our broader society.

Kabarak University Management Extends a Warm Welcome to Freshmen During Orientation Session

The journey into higher education often begins with excitement and curiosity. For incoming freshmen at Kabarak University, this voyage commenced with a memorable orientation session. The university's esteemed Members of Management, renowned for their commitment to academic excellence and student welfare, convened at the Kabarak University Convocation Hall to personally welcome the new students. This event served not only as an informative session but also as a heartfelt gesture to set the tone for a successful academic adventure.

Kabarak University's September 2023 Intake Welcomed with a Grand Orientation Experience

Kabarak University's Convocation Hall, in an atmosphere buzzing with anticipation and excitement, came alive today as the institution kicked off its much-anticipated three-day orientation program for the September 2023 intake of new students. The event promises to be an immersive and informative experience, marking the beginning of an exciting academic journey for fresh faces eager to embark on their higher education adventure.

Kabarak University Shines in Mombasa: Spotlight on Music and Media Excellence

Kabarak University's School of Music and Media recently made a significant impact in Mombasa, blending education with entertainment. The expedition aimed to showcase the school's exceptional talents and highlight the university's overall excellence.

Our Moral Code

As members of Kabarak University family, we purpose at all times and in all places, to set apart in one’s heart, Jesus as Lord. (1 Peter 3:15)


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