Proposal Submission Procedure

Before submitting your proposal for ethics review, please take note of the following important information:

  • Ensure that your proposal is up to standard. It should be free of obvious typographical, technical and ethical flaws;
  • Ensure that you have all other requisite approvals (institutional registration of your proposal e.g. Institute of Post Graduate Studies for all post graduate research, introduction letter from the HoD for all undergraduate research);
  • Fill in and submit a comprehensive application form. Provide concise and accurate responses to questions on the form;
  • Submit a well identified (full name) and dated full proposal document. Be sure to attach all supporting documents including and where applicable: questionnaire, consent form, diary cards, work plans, case report forms, interview guides, investigators’ CVs etc;
  • Proposals shall be submitted at most 2 weeks prior to the scheduled KUREC meeting. Any proposal submitted after the set time shall be automatically put on the waiting list for consideration during the subsequent meeting.
  • All applications shall be made in simple and easy to understand English language;
  • You may apply for ethical review under the following categories

a) Low Risk Review

This is a review process done to confirm that a proposed study should be exempt or is a low risk study. Low risk studies shall entail the following activities:

  • Data collected from internet sites
  • Questionnaires and surveys on non-controversial, non-personal issues on basic and de-identified demographic data.
  • Unobtrusive observational studies of people undertaking non-sensitive or benign activities in a public space.
  • Personal interviews or focus groups with participants containing non-controversial, impersonal and non-sensitive questions
  • Questionnaires or surveys containing questions about participants experiences, thoughts, opinions and beliefs

The application process for the low risk review is as follows:

  • Read the requirements for low risk studies as provided in vii (a) above;
  • Fill in the Low risk ethical review form (click here to download the form);
  • Submit a well identified and dated research proposal together with other supporting documents as specified in IV above;
  • Attach evidence of payment of the required fee

b) Full Ethical Review

The process of application is as follows:

  • Fill in the Full ethical review application form (click here to download the form)
  • Where applicable, fill in the “Inclusion of vulnerable populations form”. Vulnerable populations include: children, persons with disability, economically disadvantaged, elderly, homeless, mentally ill, persons with chronic diseases etc). (click here to download the form)
  • Submit a well identified and dated proposal together with all supporting documents as specified in iv above
  • If your study entails a study product (pharmaceutical or other device), proper: safety, pharmacological, toxicological as well as evidence of clinical experience with the study product must be submitted;
  • Provide clear evidence of payment of the required fees according to your research category. The charges are as follows:
  • Communication on the review decision shall be made not later than 5 working days after the committee meeting;
  • Any researcher not satisfied with the decision of the committee shall have up to 10 working days following the date of communication of the decision to submit an appeal.
  • The committee (KUREC) shall from time to time monitor all approved studies to ensure that researchers are complying with all conditions as set out in the ethical review clearance certificates;
  • The committee reserves the right to nullify any ethics review certificate where there will be clear evidence of infringement of set out conditions. The researcher shall reserve the right to appeal such decisions;
  • Now that you have keenly read through the above information, we believe you are now ready to submit your application for consideration. Please click on the link below to access the submission platform:

Link to the application page – Click here


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