Terms of Reference

  1. Review, recommend, and adjudicate submitted research proposals by individuals or teams, as pertain to relevant ethical, legal, scientific, and social issues specified in the STI Act.
  2. Conduct a scientific and ethical review of all research, technology, and innovation projects submitted by individuals or teams in your institution and its affiliates per the STI Act and other relevant laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.
  3. Ensure that all research being undertaken by the jurisdictions is licensed by NACOSTI per the STI Act, are beneficial to the national development of a gender, and does not endanger national security, public safety, national cohesion, the environment, nature, or the IP rights of communities.
  4. Monitor the implementation of approved and licensed research proposals, including spot checks, management of databases, and transfer of specimens and research materials, and ensure compliance with set regulations in reports or recommendations made to NACOSTI;
  5. Encourage and ensure proper management and dissemination of research findings including publications in recognized journals and applications for patents / utility models;
  6. Register and maintain a database of researchers in your institution and affiliated institutions under the hand of the head of the institution, as well as independent applicants, and submit quarterly and annual reports to NACOSTI on the same.
  7. Liaise with the institutional intellectual property management office and researchers to identify potential intellectual assets, as well intellectual property rights that need protection and commercialization based on research findings and outcomes;
  8. Promote training, recognition, and continuous development of members of institutional scientific and ethics review committees, researchers, and scientists.
  9. Ensure quality assurance and ethics in research and technology innovation in the country and advice on appropriate training programs for researchers and issues of ethical compliance and good research practice.
  10. Promote and foster visibility, debate, education, public engagement, deep understanding, and mainstreaming of research, science, technology, and innovation within the institution and its stakeholders.
  11. Document the state of Research System (Research, Science, Technology and Innovation) within the jurisdiction, and submit a report (annually or when called upon) of the same to NACOSTI in the prescribed format.
  12. Maintain adequate records of submitted and approved research proposals, scientific and technological developments emanating from research all meetings and activities and submit a report of the same to the Director-General, NACOSTI on a quarterly and annual basis.
  13. Take appropriate action on any research project that has breached approved protocols or regulations or laws, as well as action because of adverse events or closeout reports for studies.
  14. Undertake any other relevant assignment as maybe delegated to the committee.

Our Moral Code

As members of Kabarak University family, we purpose at all times and in all places, to set apart in one’s heart, Jesus as Lord. (1 Peter 3:15)


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