The Corporate Communication and Marketing Department falls under the Office of the Vice Chancellor and is headed by the Corporate Communication & Marketing Manager.

The Department is responsible for maintaining a positive Corporate image and Marketing the University Programmes.  Other activities include:

  • Media and Public relations
  • Digital Engagement
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Event management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Handle protocol matters

Our Team

Andrew Marangu
Corporate Communication & Marketing Manager

Cynthia Suge

Cynthia Shimanyula-Suge
Public Relations Officer

Brian 2

Brian Kiprop
Senior Marketing Officer


Sammy Nzau


Dominic Cherop
Customer Care

Juliet Changole
Customer Care


The Resource Mobilization Department falls under the Office of the Vice Chancellor and is headed by the Resource Mobilization Manager.

Alumni Relations

We aim at synchronizing the University’s Alumni Relations (AR) strategy, structures and activities in order to facilitate collaboration and synchronization between internal and external stakeholders, particularly with a view to optimizing the relationships between Kabarak University and alumni association and its chapters.

Students Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship is uniquely integrated program that provides support to needy students in Kabarak University by linking up viable institutions that can provide financial support to the Students.


The key to building a successful sponsorship strategy is organized creativity. Today’s sponsors want more than broad brand exposure; they want to know that their sponsorship is helping them reach key decision-makers who can forge new partnerships with their business. We offer specialist support to start a fundraising programme or whether you require hands-on help, our team can provide fundraising services.

Pre Award Ceremonies

Are you are ready to apply for a grant, we are here to guide you through the details of preparing and submitting an application, including rule sets for different funding categories (e.g. federal, state, non-profit) and for including subcontractors in your project. Your Pre-Award Specialist is there to assist you with all the logistical details, from identifying appropriate funding opportunities, over proposal editing and budget development, through proposal submission, all the way to contract negotiation and signing when you win a grant.


James Kipsang Cheruiyot

Resource Mobilization Manager

CArol resource

Caroline Wanjiru Gichuhi

Assistant Resource Mobilization Manager


The Security department of the University is responsible for all security and safety matters in the University. It is headed by the Chief Security and Safety Officer.


Weldon Chelimo Koima

Chief Security and Safety Officer

Security Supervisors

Christine Jebet Kipchumba                         Security Supervisor
Dickson  Kipkurui  Kiplagat                         Security Supervisor
Josphat Kipkorir  Tanui                                Security Supervisor
Joel Oridi Barasa                                           Security Supervisor
David Kipchumba Lagat                              Security Supervisor
Reuben Kimutai Koila                                  Security Supervisor
Joshua Kibowen Kimosop                           Security Supervisor
Zakayo Kipruto Chepchieng                       Assistant Security Supervisor

Security Team

Laban Biwott Kipchumba                        Security Guard – Main Campus
Laban Kipchirchir Baskwony                  Security Guard – Main Campus
Andrew Kamau Lokamar                        Security Guard – Main Campus
Agnes Jelagat Ronoh                                Security Guard – Main Campus
Janet Jepkorir Sergon                               Security Guard – Main Campus
Denis Kiprono Kipkenei                           Security Guard – Main Campus
Christopher Yator Amdany                     Security Guard – Main Campus
Kenneth Kibor Koech                               Security Guard – Main Campus
Moses Kipkorir Lagat                               Security Guard – Main Campus
Philip Kiptoo Bungei                                Security Guard – Main Campus
Navis Jerop Kimutai                                 Security Guard – Main Campus
Samson Kiprotich Chirchir                     Security Guard – Main Campus
Christine Cherotich Mundui                  Security Guard – Main Campus
Millicent Jelagat Kimaru                         Security Guard – Main Campus
Benson Kipchumba Lagat                      Borehole Guard
Nicholas Kipsang Kibet                           Security Guard – Main Campus
David Kibet Tuisang                                Security Guard – Main Campus
Millicent Jebiwot Cheboi                        Security Guard – Main Campus
Douglas Kipruto Tallam                          Security Guard – Main Campus
Alex Kipng’eno Boinet                             Security Guard – Main Campus
Frankline Tallam                                      Security Guard – Main Campus
Abigael Miriam Ndiwa                            Security Guard – Main Campus
Stephen Kipyegon Mario                        Security Guard – Main Campus
Philimon Kipkemoi Langat                    Security Guard – Main Campus
Moses Kiprotich Sawe                             Security Guard – Main Campus
Haron Kipchumba Ronoh                      Security Guard – Main Campus
Nicholas Kipchumba Rotich                  Security Guard – Main Campus
Joshua Kipngetich Mutai                       Security Guard – Main Campus
Amon Kipchirchir Chelimo                    Security Guard – Nakuru Town Campus
Samson Kibichii Kangogo                      Security Guard – Main Campus
Festus Kiplimo Kibet                               Security Guard – Main Campus
Daniel Kangogo Kigen                            Security Guard – Main Campus
Benson Keitany                                        Security Guard – Main Campus
Simon Kiplang’at Chepkwony               Security Guard – Nakuru Town Campus
Caroline Chemutai                                   Security Guard – Main Campus
Hosea Kiprotich Kibet                             Security Guard – Main Campus
Kibet Hesbon Kiptoo                                Security Guard – Main Campus
Kipkurui Kosgei Labott                            Security Guard – Main Campus
Merimug Francis Losuru                         Security Guard – Main Campus
Edison Kipkemoi Kibet                            Security Guard – Main Campus
Alvestine Kipng’eno Rutto                       Security Guard – Main Campus
Sialo Tracy Jemutai                                   Security Guard
Daniel Tallam                                              Security Guard
Ben Kiprop Tomno                                     Security Guard – Main Campus
Raphael Cherogony Amdany                    Security Guard – Main Campus
Mercy J. Tanui                                             Security Guard – Main Campus
Benard Kipkosgei Lagat                             Security Guard – Main Campus
Charles Chenii                                              Security Guard – Main Campus
Mariko Kiprotich Kipkoech                       Security Guard – Main Campus


The ICT department is responsible for all ICT functions and Services in the University.  It is headed by the ICT Manager.


Lawrence Siele ICTM

Lawrence Siele
ICT Manager

Tarus Silah
System Developer

Reuben Sirma
System Administrator

Jairus Ounza

Jairus Ounza
Network Administrator

Dorcas Jerono Chemjor

Computer Laboratory Technologist

Mike ICt

Michael Kiprotich Kemoi

Computer Laboratory Technologist

Chrispine Katana Masila

Computer Laboratory Technologist

Antony Guya Musabi

Computer Laboratory Technologist

Kennedy Kimutai Korir

Computer Laboratory Technologist -NTC

Leah Chebet Bunei

I.T Technician


The Finance Department is responsible for the financial and business functions of the University. It is headed by the Finance Manager who ensures safe keeping of all the funds, budget preparation, collection of fees and other revenues, payroll management and generation of financial reports of the University.


Finance Manager

Gideon Kiprotich Langat
Finance Manager

Claudia ed

Claudia J Limo

Joan finance

Joan Jeruiyot Kosgei

Senior Accounts Assistant- Finance


Edwin K Koila

Senior Accounts Assistant-Student Finance


Bernard Kipkoech Barue

Senior Accounts Clerk


Marion Chebiwott Kigen

Accounts Assistant 


Agnes Jeruto Yegon

Senior Accounts Clerk


Lynn Jepkemei Yatich

Accounts Assistant 

carol finance

Caroline Jepkorir Kibon

Accounts Assistant 

Faith M

Faith Chepkoech Mutai

Accounts Assistant 

Henry Cherogony

Accounts Assistant -NTC


The Procurement Department is responsible for providing support to the university in terms of procuring of goods, services or works efficiently, effectively and equitably guided by the established Procurement & Disposal policy.

Our Staff

procurement officer

Rhoda Chemoiwo
Procurement Officer view profile


Michael Kiprop Chelelgo

Procurement Clerk


Britney Jerop Bowen

Purchasing Clerk


Joshua Kiptum Kibon
Assistant Procurement Officer

Steve 1 procurement

Stephen Kipruto Kiptiony

Procurement Clerk


Felix Kiprotich Kipngetich

Purchasing Clerk

CArol J

Caroline Jebichii Kipkoros
Assistant Procurement Officer

Moses procurement

Moses Kipngetich Kitilit

Purchasing Clerk


Kabarak University Enterprises Ltd is a company formed by the Kabarak University Management council in 2013 and registered at the Registrar of companies in 29th April 2013. It was established with a mandate to manage and operate income generating units of the University with a vision to be a vibrant business firm that supports the financial framework for Kabarak University. The company is likened to a spring that will keep the university alive and its motto is that of a true vine that will have branches bearing fruits as seen in John 15: 12. This explains the company logo.


To be a vibrant business firm that supports the financial framework for Kabarak University


To identify, develop and establish profitable businesses with efficient systems in support of Kabarak University Mission.


As members of the Kabarak University Enterprises limited, we purpose at all times in a places to set apart in one’s heart, Jesus as lord. 1 Peter 3:15.


The Kabarak University enterprises Ltd is made up of the Guest House, Farm, Laundry, Hostel Accommodation, Zarepath Restaurant, Town Campus Restaurant, Outside Catering and Conferences.

Hostel Accommodation

The hostel accommodates over 2000 students who enjoy a variety of facilities such as Wi-Fi, Hot water shower and regular complementary services. Within, they enjoy safety and comfort with a no-alcohol & drugs policy during their academic stay.

As a resident, one can enjoy gym @ 300/- per day or 2500/- per month,  swimming @ 200/-

FULL BOARD Bed/Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Single 50,000/-
  double 42,000/-
  4 sharing 38,500/-
  Above 4 sharing 36,500
HALF BOARD Bed/Breakfast & 1 meal Single 39,500/-
  Double 35,000/-
  4 sharing 31,500/-
    Above 4 sharing 27500/-
BED & BREAKFAST Bed & Breakfast Single 27,000/-
    Double 22,500/-
    4 sharing 20,000/-
    Above 4 sharing 15,000/-


This department is in charge of all catering outlets for the students; they include, The Zarepath Dining Hall, The Student Centre restaurant, The Afya Bora Restaurant and the Town campus restaurant. The department also runs an outside catering section which serves clients outside the Kabarak Community.

Students can buy food and beverages at any of the above outlets via Mpesa, Cash and Student prepaid card. To use the prepaid card, one must deposit the preferred amount in the catering bank account then register for biometric access.


Payment details for new students

Payment can be made in the following accounts;

Trans National Bank- Kabarak Branch

A/C Name: Kabarak University Enterprises Ltd

A/C No: 48750001

Kenya Commercial Bank – Marigat Branch

A/C Name: Kabarak University Enterprises Ltd

A/C No: 1163266566

Please ensure that you indicate index numbers upon payment of accommodation fee.

Nathan Mugambi

Mr. Nathan Mugambi
General Manager


Victor Kiprop
Ag. Guest House Manager

Farm Manager 1

Alfred Bwambok
Farm Manager


Nicholas Mutai
Human Resource Officer

Mary Muchira

Mary Muchira

Executive Marketer

Chief Chef

Isaiah Amunga

Ag. Chief Chef


Roseline Masongo
Executive Housekeeper


Elias Amdany



Florence Kisali 

Ag. Food & Beverage Supervisor


The Kabarak Medical Centre handles health related matters for all staff and students in the University. It is headed by the Senior Medical Officer


Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk Management (IACRM) Department provides independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the university’s operations… read more