Jurisprudential disarray at the High Court: The conflicting judgements on the status of statutory institutions as government departments in ABSA Bank case and Tom Ojienda case

 Terry Moraa* "While decisions of co-ordinate courts are not binding, these decisions are highly persuasive. This is because of the concept of judicial comity, which is the respect one court holds for the decisions of another."[i] - Justice Mativo The above quotation from Justice Mativo's holding, finds resonance in the discussion of this arti...

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Reconciling the De-novo Principle and timely justice following the transfer of judicial officials

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By Patricia Buyeshe Angaya* "No rule of natural justice, no rule of statutory protection, no rule of evidence, and no rule of common sense is to be sacrificed, violated, or abandoned when it comes to protecting the liberty of the subject. He is the most sacrosanct individual in the system of our legal administration."- Madan, Kneller and Nyarangi J...

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Analyzing the Kenyan legal framework’s responsivity to issues of climate change and climate adaption

By George Njogu As the world grapples with the increasingly dire consequences of climate change, nations are compelled to take urgent action and implement comprehensive strategies to mitigate its effects. Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Kenya finds itself standing at the forefront of this global battle against a changing climate.[i] In a count...

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The Internet, the law and the Kenyan 'Mwananchi'

 By Alex Tamei With the pervasiveness of the internet globally over the past few decades, many have found their livelihoods online. The COVID 19 pandemic saw large swathes of young people reconsider four-year degrees and other relatively conventional life paths.[i]Even for those working conventional jobs, the COVID 19 pandemic saw most operati...

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The disenfranchisement dilemma: How the ghost of electoral injustice is haunting the political class

By Joshua Koome There are no magic words on paper. Like other people in the world, Kenyans must be determined enough to create the future they want. A future anchored on justice, good governance, and the rule of law, among other values, codified in Article 10 of the Constitution.[i] Big election losers will tell you that a scrutiny of the previous ...

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