Why lawyers are not ‘liars’: Examining the truth behind the stereotype

 Mercy Kibet Jebaibai* "Lawyers are not liars and cheaters; they are just creative problem solvers." – David E. Kelley Have you ever watched a movie where lawyers are portrayed as scumbags who will lie to protect guilty clients? Or even worse, come across someone who randomly stated 'lawyers are liars' and that they have connections and backro...

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Political Accountability and Integrity: Reconciling the dream of Chapter Six of Kenya's Constitution with reality

By Jabez Oyaro Good governance is the bedrock of a thriving democracy, ensuring the effective functioning of public institutions and the well-being of the society as a whole. At the heart of good governance lies the concept of political accountability, acting as the vital catalyst that allows the cake of good governance to rise. Just as baking powd...

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Bail bond and electronic tagging: A remedy to declutter prisons and to avert absconding trial in Kenya

 Pawi Sylvian Fortune* "Jails and prisons are designed to break human beings, to convert the population into specimens in a zoo; obedient to our keepers but dangerous to ourselves."[i] Bail is the release from custody, pending a criminal trial, of an accused person on the promise that money will be paid if he absconds.[ii] Equally, a bond is a...

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Secularism at stake: The perils of religous consolidation in Kenya

By Chris Maina The Preamble to the Constitution of Kenya 2010 acknowledges the centrality of religion in Kenya.[i] Article 8 goes on to provide that there is  no state religion. In essence, Article 8 has appreciated the religious and cultural differences that exist among Kenyan communities. Based on Article 8, Kenya is a secular state. A secul...

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How the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) flew too close to the sun: An account of the of the Supreme Court’s judgement- Part 1(Basic Structure Doctrine and the president as an initiator of constitutional amendments)

By Adeline Chelagat Kiptoo "Suddenly, Icarus realised he could hardly see his father. He had flown so high his father resembled a small dot below him. At the same time, he noticed a feather drift past and float downwards towards the sea. And then another … and then another. Too late Icarus! His wings were melting. He had flown too close to the Sun....

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