Guaranteeing the right to privacy for people living with HIV and AIDS: Unpacking the decision in PMM v EA (2023)

By Terry Ombati* The Ministry of Health indicated that approximately 1.4 million Kenyans are living with HIV and AIDS by August 2023.[1] In addition, about two in five women and men experienced stigma because of their HIV status in a community setting.[2]The privacy of people who are living (or perceived to be living) with HIV and AIDS needs to be ...

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The Slip Rule: Assessing the Supreme Court jurisdiction to review its own decision in Kenya

 Youngreen Peter Mudeyi* The general rule is that once a court has duly pronounced a final order, it becomes functus officio (of no further authority or legal effect) and has no power to alter the order.[i] Debates arise on abandoning precedent adherence, but great advocacy is that it is a general rule and not an exception because reopening pa...

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Welcome to 2024, to Canaan, to the premier world

New Year's Address by Prof J Osogo Ambani, LLD, Dean, and Associate Professor of Public Law, Kabarak Law School It is my brother and colleague Mr Elisha Ongoya's Facebook page that first broadcast the news (in March/April 2021) that I had joined Kabarak Law School (KLS) as Dean and Associate Professor of Public Law. The matter went viral when that ...

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Bail bond and electronic tagging: A remedy to declutter prisons and to avert absconding trial in Kenya

 Pawi Sylvian Fortune* "Jails and prisons are designed to break human beings, to convert the population into specimens in a zoo; obedient to our keepers but dangerous to ourselves."[i] Bail is the release from custody, pending a criminal trial, of an accused person on the promise that money will be paid if he absconds.[ii] Equally, a bond is a...

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Why lawyers are not ‘liars’: Examining the truth behind the stereotype

 Mercy Kibet Jebaibai* "Lawyers are not liars and cheaters; they are just creative problem solvers." – David E. Kelley Have you ever watched a movie where lawyers are portrayed as scumbags who will lie to protect guilty clients? Or even worse, come across someone who randomly stated 'lawyers are liars' and that they have connections and backro...

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