The Supreme Court Appellate Jurisdiction (as of right) in appeals from judicial review: Wanjigi v Chebukati

By Elvis Mogesa The Supreme Court of Kenya is bestowed with different types of jurisdictions.[i] The appellate jurisdiction prescribed in Article 163(4)(a) has often proved to be a legal conundrum. The substance of this provision is that the Supreme Court shall listen to appeals from the Court of Appeal that are as of right involving the interpreta...

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Secularism at stake: The perils of religous consolidation in Kenya

By Chris Maina The Preamble to the Constitution of Kenya 2010 acknowledges the centrality of religion in Kenya.[i] Article 8 goes on to provide that there is  no state religion. In essence, Article 8 has appreciated the religious and cultural differences that exist among Kenyan communities. Based on Article 8, Kenya is a secular state. A secul...

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Thorns in roses: Struggles of a first year law student

By Nasra Omar Looking back at my early teens, I cannot help but reminisce about when I would find happiness in the simplest of things. Just sitting on a rooftop could give me immense joy and peace. I would let the airy breeze caress my little soul, and sweep away all my problems, as if I had any. I liked to fantasise about my future. This little wr...

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Justice brewing: Advocating for better protection against sexual harassment for Kenyan Tea Workers

By Terry Ombati "I once thought of hanging myself, but I thought my children would suffer. It's torture. He wants to sleep with you, then you get a job. So you are forced to accept somebody because of work. If you do not do that, you will lose your job and have no income."[i]Such is the predicament of women in tea plantations in Kenya who work to p...

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The taxing Issue of church taxation: A legal analysis of the taxation of churches in Kenya

By Laureen Mukami Nyamu The taxation of churches has been a conundrum that has generated polarising views in many Christian-affiliated societies. The taxation of churches is a nuanced and complex problem that necessitates balancing the right to religious freedom and the need to ensure that religious institutions operate in a transparent and account...

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