Why lawyers are not ‘liars’: Examining the truth behind the stereotype

 Mercy Kibet Jebaibai* "Lawyers are not liars and cheaters; they are just creative problem solvers." – David E. Kelley Have you ever watched a movie where lawyers are portrayed as scumbags who will lie to protect guilty clients? Or even worse, come across someone who randomly stated 'lawyers are liars' and that they have connections and backro...

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Reconciling the due diligence obligation before and after the Dina Management decision in light of the Mavoko demolitions

 *Elsy Jemutai* Due diligence is the process of carefully investigating and verifying all aspects of a land transaction to ensure that one is making an informed and secure investment.[i] It is the most fundamental process in acquiring land as a prospective buyer needs to ascertain the ownership of land.[ii] The Land Registration Act stipulates...

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The scourge of price fixing in Kenya

 By Tekin Saeko* Competition law is a field of law that is pertinent to the economy of any country and the growth of its industries in a fair and efficient environment. The tenets of competition law are not vastly known and often issues may go unnoticed by the layman. The relationship between companies, both big and small, is regulated which i...

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Dismantling epistemic violence and eurocentrism in the teaching and research of international law in the Global South: A reflection

Florence Shako *first published by Afronomicslaw* One of the sites where the legacies of colonialism continue to be perpetuated in the Global South is the law classroom. In the teaching and research of international law, 'mainstream' narratives of international law are privileged as the Subject and critical international law scholarship as the Othe...

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The day and Night of Goma : My Journey through Mt Nyiragongo’s 2020 eruption and the DRC-Rwanda Conflict

Kenaya Komba Picture yourself in Goma, a vibrant city in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Beyond the bustling streets, a remarkable story of resilience and hope unfolds in the heart of this community.For those unfamiliar with the city of Goma, it is the capital of the North Kivu province in the Eastern part of the DRC. It is a touristic ci...

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As members of Kabarak University family, we purpose at all times and in all places, to set apart in one’s heart, Jesus as Lord. (1 Peter 3:15)


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