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Kabarak University Men's Talk Event: Empowering the Boychild with 21st-Century Skills

Kabarak University Student Organization held a men's talk event at the Kabarak University Auditorium, where the attendees engaged in an intense and interactive session. The event aimed to equip the boychild with 21st-century needed skills essential for success in both personal and professional life. The event featured speakers from the Kabarak University administration, including the assistant dean of students, Mr. Dishon Mngoda, the Kabarak University chaplain, Rev. Justus Mutuku, and the student counselor, Rev. Dr. Julius Kiprono Langat.

The event's topics were carefully chosen to address the most critical challenges facing the boychild in contemporary society. The first topic was "Who is a Man?," which explored the traditional and contemporary definitions of manhood. The participants delved into the social constructs that define masculinity, including power, strength, and leadership, and how these constructs have changed over time.

Another essential topic was communication in relationships. The speakers emphasized the importance of communication in building healthy relationships with partners and family members. They also addressed the challenges that men face in expressing their emotions and communicating their needs effectively.

The role of men in the family and in relationships was another key topic of discussion. The speakers highlighted the changing dynamics of gender roles in contemporary society, encouraging men to embrace new models of masculinity that emphasize empathy, emotional intelligence, and collaboration.

The topic of emotional intelligence was also discussed extensively. The speakers emphasized the importance of emotional intelligence in both personal and professional life and how men can develop this critical skill set. They also provided practical tips on how to cultivate emotional intelligence, including active listening, self-awareness, and empathy.

The event also tackled the issue of study hustle work and purpose. The speakers encouraged the attendees to pursue their passions, emphasizing the importance of aligning personal and professional goals. They also provided practical advice on how to achieve a healthy work-life balance and avoid burnout.

The speakers also touched on personal treatment and finance, highlighting the importance of self-care and financial management. They provided practical tips on how to manage personal finances and how to prioritize self-care to avoid burnout and maintain optimal physical and mental health.

The final topic was vices and addictions. The speakers discussed the dangers of substance abuse and addiction and provided practical advice on how to overcome these challenges. They emphasized the importance of seeking help and support from family members, friends, and professionals.

The Kabarak University Men's Talk Event was an intense and interactive session that provided valuable insights and practical tips for the attendees. The event's speakers encouraged men to embrace new models of masculinity that emphasize empathy, emotional intelligence, and collaboration. They also highlighted the importance of pursuing personal passions, managing finances, and avoiding vices and addictions. The event was a significant step towards equipping the boychild with 21st-century skills that are essential for success in both personal and professional life.

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