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Rotaract Club of Kabarak University Partners with the Community of Sant'Egidio in Nakuru to offer Nourishment to Numerous Homeless Women and Children.

Rotary International is committed to saving mothers and children, which is one of its six main pillars. Shockingly, an estimated 5.9 million children under the age of five die each year due to malnutrition, inadequate healthcare, and poor sanitation. These deaths are preventable, and the Rotaract Club of Kabarak University, a child of Rotary Nakuru, has taken an initiative to build on this agenda.

Partnering with the Community of Sant' Egidio in Nakuru, the Rotaract Club of Kabarak University fed close to three hundred street children and mothers. Thirty-five young and passionate Rotaractors spearheaded this noble cause, determined to make a difference.

The essence of providing meals to street families is to fulfill their basic nutritional needs, which are crucial for their survival and well-being. Street families are often vulnerable and may have limited access to food, which can lead to malnutrition and other health issues. By providing meals, we can help address their immediate need for sustenance and support their overall health.

Moreover, providing meals can also serve as a way to establish trust and build relationships with street families. It provides an opportunity to engage with them, learn more about their circumstances, and understand their needs better. By doing so, we can identify additional ways to support them, such as connecting them with other resources, providing shelter, or assisting them in finding employment.

Finally, providing meals to street families also sends a message of compassion and care, reminding them that they are not forgotten, and there are people who are willing to help them. It can be a source of hope and encouragement, which can be a powerful motivator for individuals who are struggling to survive on the streets.

The Rotaract Club of Kabarak University's partnership with the Community of Sant'Egidio in Nakuru is a shining example of Rotary International's commitment to saving mothers and children. By providing meals to street families, they are making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals.

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