Justice brewing: Advocating for better protection against sexual harassment for Kenyan Tea Workers

By Terry Ombati "I once thought of hanging myself, but I thought my children would suffer. It's torture. He wants to sleep with you, then you get a job. So you are forced to accept somebody because of work. If you do not do that, you will lose your job and have no income."[i]Such is the predicament of women in tea plantations in Kenya who work to p...

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The taxing Issue of church taxation: A legal analysis of the taxation of churches in Kenya

By Laureen Mukami Nyamu The taxation of churches has been a conundrum that has generated polarising views in many Christian-affiliated societies. The taxation of churches is a nuanced and complex problem that necessitates balancing the right to religious freedom and the need to ensure that religious institutions operate in a transparent and account...

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How the BBI flew too close to the sun: An account of the Supreme Court's judgment on the Second Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill - Part 2 (public participation vis- a- Vis the role of the IEBC, presidential immunity, quorum issue and the Omnibus question)

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By Adeline Chelagat Kiptoo Second Amendment Schedule The Bill purported to take away the mandate of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) by suggesting the manner of delimitation and distribution of the constituencies, the time frame for the creation of constituencies and the criteria to be used for delimitation (Mwilu VCJ, par...

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The Internet, the law and the Kenyan 'Mwananchi'

 By Alex Tamei With the pervasiveness of the internet globally over the past few decades, many have found their livelihoods online. The COVID 19 pandemic saw large swathes of young people reconsider four-year degrees and other relatively conventional life paths.[i]Even for those working conventional jobs, the COVID 19 pandemic saw most operati...

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The food predicament in Kenya: Children at the forefront of the hunger catastrophe

By Terry Moraa For most children, lunchtime is an hour to play while having a break partaking something to sustain their stomachs for the next lesson. However, Moses Jackson in Kavunzoni Primary School in Ganze, Kilifi County, can barely keep up in class due to hunger.[i] He falls asleep during class time and tears threaten to fall from the tip of ...

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How the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) flew too close to the sun: An account of the of the Supreme Court’s judgement- Part 1(Basic Structure Doctrine and the president as an initiator of constitutional amendments)

By Adeline Chelagat Kiptoo "Suddenly, Icarus realised he could hardly see his father. He had flown so high his father resembled a small dot below him. At the same time, he noticed a feather drift past and float downwards towards the sea. And then another … and then another. Too late Icarus! His wings were melting. He had flown too close to the Sun....

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