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Kabarak University Invites You to Join the National Tree Planting Day Celebration

In tandem with the government's ambitious plan to plant 15 billion trees in the next decade, Kabarak University is throwing open its green treasury. As you walk through the aisles of vibrant saplings, each one telling a story of resilience and growth, you have the opportunity to become a guardian of Kenya's future

The goal is audacious yet beautiful: to elevate Kenya's tree cover to an awe-inspiring 30 percent by 2032. Kabarak University, with its roots deeply embedded in education, is now extending its embrace to the roots of nature. Purchase not just a tree but a piece of Kenya's green legacy.

Beyond being a mere transaction, buying a tree from Kabarak University is an investment in a future where every leaf whispers gratitude. It's a step towards a more sustainable, verdant, and harmonious tomorrow.

Kabarak University is spreading its green wings wide open, beckoning you to be a part of a movement that transcends boundaries—the National Tree Planting Day on Monday, the 13th of November.

Kabarak University, custodian of knowledge and now, a sanctuary of green aspirations, is unveiling its tree nursery to the public. It's not just an open gate; it's an open invitation to witness the cradle of life itself. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the art of giving back to Mother Earth.

So, mark your calendars for Monday, the 13th of November. Join us in this celebration of life, growth, and interconnectedness. Bring home a tree, and in doing so, let's collectively weave a canopy of hope for generations to come. Let's make every day a National Tree Planting Day and every tree a testament to our commitment to the environment.

See you amidst the rustling leaves and the promise of a greener future at Kabarak University.

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