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Kabarak University Prioritizes Staff Mental Health: "Anxiety: Look Within, Look Around"

Within the esteemed walls of Kabarak University, a significant and timely theme has taken center stage this year: "Anxiety: Introspection and Awareness." This theme serves as a resounding and pressing call to all members of our university community, imploring them not only to assess their own mental well-being but also to consider that of their fellow students, friends, neighbors, siblings, classmates, and peers. In this current academic year, this commitment assumes a prominent role as the university encourages its dedicated counselors to engage in crucial dialogues addressing real-life challenges that affect individuals in our broader society.

In a world characterized by academic rigor, research endeavors, and personal ambitions, mental health often finds itself relegated to the background. Kabarak University, however, has consistently upheld its dedication to providing a nurturing environment for both students and staff. The university recognizes that mental health is an integral facet of overall well-being. This morning, the university's Procurement Department took a commendable step by extending an invitation to university counselors to deliberate on tangible issues impacting real people in the world, right here at Kabarak University Online. The subjects covered in these discussions encompass an Introduction to Mental Health, presented by Rev. Dr. Julius Langat,  Selfcare solutions and prevention by a Pastor Esther Kapsir and an exploration of Symptoms and Challenges of Mental Health, led by Rev. Dickson Korir. The agenda also includes an examination of solutions, self-care strategies, and the prevention of mental health issues, among other emerging topics.

A prevailing message resonating throughout these deliberations underscores the importance of mindfulness towards others. While pursuing our own well-being, it is imperative that we do not neglect to offer a helping hand or a compassionate ear to those in our midst. At Kabarak University, we hold dear the spirit of community and camaraderie, and it is this ethos that forms the foundation of the "Look Within, Look Around" campaign.

Kabarak University's unwavering commitment to the mental health of its staff is truly commendable. By addressing the pressing concerns surrounding mental health and fostering a culture of empathy and support, the university sets a shining example for institutions across the globe.

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