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The Most Rev. Dr. Timothy Ndambuki, Archbishop of the Africa Brotherhood Church, Hails Kabarak University as Beacon of Achievement

In a harmonious convergence of academia and spirituality, Kabarak University proudly played host to distinguished members of the Africa Brotherhood Church during a momentous three-day conference. The event was graced by The Most Rev. Dr. Timothy Ndambuki, an eminent figure who serves as the Archbishop of the Africa Brotherhood Church and concurrently as the Chairman of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK). The conference served as a platform for insightful discussions, intellectual exchange, and spiritual enrichment, further solidifying Kabarak University's reputation as a hub of innovation and progress.

The conference commenced with a gracious courtesy call by The Most Rev. Dr. Timothy Ndambuki to the office of the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Prof Henry Kiplangat. This introductory meeting not only exemplified the mutual respect between academia and religious leadership but also set a positive tone for the upcoming conference. The discussions held during this courtesy call laid the foundation for an event that promised to engage both the mind and the soul.

During the conference's inaugural session, Archbishop Ndambuki took the stage to address the attendees. He lauded Kabarak University for its exceptional dedication to innovation and achievements, citing the institution as a paragon of excellence. With a rich history of academic distinction and a forward-looking approach, Kabarak University has consistently demonstrated its commitment to advancing knowledge and nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

Archbishop Ndambuki's appreciation for Kabarak University's achievements was echoed by attendees and university representatives alike. The conference provided a forum for fruitful discussions on a range of topics, from spirituality and faith-based leadership to contemporary societal challenges. The presence of distinguished scholars, religious leaders, and students ensured a diverse exchange of ideas, resulting in a tapestry of insights that enriched all participants.

Kabarak University's role as a hospitable and welcoming venue for conferences of various natures was underscored by the vice-chancellor. He extended an open invitation to all interested parties, encouraging them to consider Kabarak University as their preferred location for future conferences and events. The university's tranquil and scenic surroundings, coupled with its state-of-the-art facilities, make it an ideal setting for intellectual discourse and meaningful gatherings.

The Most Rev. Dr. Timothy Ndambuki's visit and engagement with the university community exemplified the harmonious coexistence of knowledge and faith, underscoring Kabarak University's stature as an institution of distinction. As the doors of Kabarak University remain wide open to future collaborations, the legacy of this conference will continue to reverberate, fostering unity, understanding, and enlightenment for generations to come.

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