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Preparing for Success: Kabarak University's School of Music and Media Holds Industrial Attachment Training Meeting for Mass Communication Students

Kabarak University's School of Music and Media earlier on this morning held an intense and informative meeting on Industrial Attachment training for its Department of Mass Communication. Chaired by the Head of Department, Dr. Michael Ndonye, the meeting addressed various concerns pertinent to the successful completion of the Industrial Attachment program.

The purpose of the Industrial Attachment program was the first topic on the agenda. It was emphasized that the program is an integral part of the students' academic curriculum and provides them with practical experience in their respective fields of study. The program is designed to equip students with skills and knowledge that cannot be acquired in the classroom.

The meeting also focused on the relevant documents that students need to have before embarking on their attachment program. Students were advised to ensure that they have a letter from the university indicating that they are eligible for attachment, a letter from the organization they will be attached to, and a duly filled Industrial Attachment Agreement form.

In terms of finding attachments, the meeting provided students with various options, including media and Public Relations (PR) farms. Students were encouraged to explore different organizations to ensure they get an attachment that aligns with their career aspirations.

The importance of student conduct and discipline during the attachment period was also emphasized. It was made clear that students represent both Kabarak University and the organization they are attached to, and as such, their behavior should reflect positively on both entities.

The meeting also touched on handling challenges that may arise during the attachment period. Students were advised to be proactive in seeking solutions to any challenges they may face and to communicate effectively with their supervisors.

The issue of the attachment logbook was also discussed, and students were taken through how to fill it out correctly. The logbook is an essential document that tracks the student's progress during the attachment program and is used as part of their assessment.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on the supervision assessment tool and how to handle equipment during the attachment period. Students were urged to take good care of equipment and ensure that they follow the set guidelines when handling them. The supervision assessment tool is used to evaluate the student's performance during the attachment period, and students were advised to ensure they work closely with their supervisors.

The meeting was followed by an interactive question and answer session that provided students with an opportunity to seek clarification on any issues that they may have been unclear about.

In conclusion, the Industrial Attachment training meeting held by Kabarak University's School of Music and Media's Department of Mass Communication was an intense and informative session that provided students with valuable information on the Industrial Attachment program. The meeting covered critical areas such as finding attachments, student conduct and discipline, handling challenges, and how to fill the attachment logbook. The meeting was a testament to the university's commitment to providing students with practical skills that prepare them for the job market

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