Dr. Richard Kagia Njunge
HoD, Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy

Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy

The Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy under the Kabarak University School of Pharmacy is a dynamic and vital component of the institution's academic and research framework. This department is dedicated to the study and exploration of the effects and mechanisms of drugs, as well as the utilization of natural products for therapeutic purposes.

The Department plays a critical role in advancing knowledge, research, and education in the fields of pharmacology and pharmacognosy. Through its commitment to excellence, ethical practices, and community engagement, the department contributes to the betterment of healthcare and pharmaceutical sciences.

The department's primary focus is on two interconnected fields:

  1. Pharmacology: This branch of science deals with the study of how drugs interact with the body to produce their effects. Faculty members and researchers within the Department of Pharmacology work to unravel the intricate pathways and mechanisms through which drugs exert their actions. By understanding these interactions, the department contributes to the development of safer, more effective medications for a wide range of medical conditions.

  2. Pharmacognosy: This discipline involves the study of natural products, such as plant extracts, as potential sources of medicines. The Department of Pharmacognosy at Kabarak University explores the chemical constituents of plants, their biological activities, and their potential applications in healthcare. This field is particularly important in the quest for novel therapeutic agents derived from nature.

Key roles of the Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy include:

  • Quality Education: The department offers comprehensive and up-to-date academic programs, providing students with a solid foundation in pharmacology and pharmacognosy. These programs emphasize critical thinking, research skills, and practical applications in the field of pharmacy.

  • Cutting-edge Research: Faculty members and students engage in groundbreaking research projects aimed at advancing knowledge in pharmacology and pharmacognosy. This research contributes to the development of innovative drug therapies and the identification of new compounds with therapeutic potential.

  • Collaborative Endeavors: The department encourages collaboration with other departments, research institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry. Such collaborations foster a multidisciplinary approach to solving complex healthcare challenges.

  • Community Engagement: The department is committed to serving the community through various initiatives, including health awareness campaigns, educational seminars, and consultations. By actively engaging with the community, the department strives to promote the safe and effective use of medications.

  • Ethical Practice: The Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy instills ethical values and principles in its students, emphasizing the importance of responsible research and the ethical use of drugs and natural products.

  • Contribution to Healthcare: Graduates from the department go on to play pivotal roles in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, research institutions, regulatory agencies, and healthcare settings, contributing to the well-being of society.


Our Moral Code

As members of Kabarak University family, we purpose at all times and in all places, to set apart in one’s heart, Jesus as Lord. (1 Peter 3:15)


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